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Bolshoy Dom

St. Petersburg, Russia
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The name of Bolshoy Dom was given by the Leningrader's which translates as 'Big House'. The administrative building is where the bodies of Joint State Political Administration Board (OGPU), People's Commissariat of Home Affairs, the Ministry of State Security (NKVD) and State Security Committee (KGB) were housed.

Bolshoy Dom was built at the initiative of S.M. Kirov in 1931-32. The building replaced the District Court which burnt down during the February Revolution of 1917. Like the District Court, the Bolshoy Dom is connected by a passage to the former House of Preliminary Detention, which today functions as a pre-trial detention centre.

The architecture of the Bolshoy Dom reflects the new tendencies of Soviet architecture: a retreat from Constructivism toward the monumental Classicism. Pillars, high corner towers, and mighty lower floor faced with granite and the strictness of shapes are typical of the style. Since the mid 1930s the name Bolshoy Dom has become a sort of euphemism for the Leningraders, similar to Moscow's Lubyanka.

Today the building houses the Department of Federal Security Service (FSB) for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.