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Bivouac Zoran Simic Cabin

Visocica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The Zoran Simic bivouac is located on the isolated mountain Visocica in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is the first facility of this type on a mountain that has only recently become more accessible due to the construction of road infrastructure. The bivouac is positioned on the edge of the canyon of the river Rakitnica, which flows between the mountains Visocica and Bjelasnica. It is one of the few places where you can cross the canyon from one mountain to another. At the site itself, unreal views open up over the mountains, in a north-south direction. The interior is configured through three platforms and two benches. Two opposite platforms with benches form small grandstands towards the entrance area, so the maximum capacity of 9 visitors gives the opportunity to sit opposite each other. The fact that the architects themselves are experienced mountaineers proved to be crucial in the conception and elaboration of the project. The external form follows the internal layout of the platforms and thus minimizes the footprint on the ground, thus reducing excavations in the field to a minimum.

Although built with minimal resources and in very difficult alpine conditions, the unusual volunteer commitment of the mountaineering community and architects has led to results that would be impossible in normal commercial conditions. The biggest challenge of the construction was the transport itself and for this purpose a military helicopter unit was engaged. Since half the weight of the building is made up of foundations, in order to reduce transport to a minimum, a foundation steel basket was made and filled with stones on site.

Architects from the Filter studio participated in the construction itself, as well as many members of the Zeljeznicar mountaineering bench, but also mountaineers from all over BiH, which makes the project a true endeavor of the community.

The bivouac "Zoran Simic", regardless of its size, shows how much social significance an extremely small project can have for the promotion of natural and tourist potentials of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also additional value that architecture and design can inscribe in a specific natural location. In just a few months, the bivouac has become a must-see not only for experienced hikers, architects and designers, but also for all couples in love looking for instagram content that will not leave anyone indifferent.