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Atrium Cinema

Budapest, Hungary
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After renovation

Right after the 32nd Hungarian Filmfestival, the Atrium Cinema - which was called 1st of May Cinema for years - closed its red curtains. However during the Filmfestival the old, well-thumbed Cinema attracted the public with its graceful, retro style and spirit. The Atrium Cinema is one of the two cinemas, which was preserved to be on the List of the National Monuments, released in 1990.

The Atrium House was designed by Lajos Kozma. The construction lasted two years. The Atrium Cinema is one of his masterpiece not only for its size, but also for his moderntoned design manner. It became a famous example of the European architecture between the wars.

The steel-frame building was realized using the most developped technologies of the era. Kozma's had a strict attitude during the design process. He designed this building with all of his expertise. He designed not only the house, but all of the interiors, the doors, windows, lighting, furniture and textiles. As Frank Lloyd Wright wrote in 1910, "it is quite impossible to consider the building one thing and its furnishings another...They are all mere structural details of its character and completeness." Every element Kozma designed is meant to be thought of as part of the larger artistic idea of the house.

He payed attention to the harmony of function, material, shape and color in the composition. Kozma used black, white, orange main colors with grey and red within the building. The featured materials are steel, glass, marble, mirror and ceramic. The black and white marble-mosaic covered Hall area is retained in original state. The Hall's featured character is born of the original use of warm and cold colors and the shift of the horizontal and vertical lined design.