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Bomb Shelter - Atomville
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Bomb Shelter - Atomville

In October of 1954, Popular Mechanics contained an article entitled "At Home, 2004 A.D.", in which Paul Laszlo's concept of Atomville and the home of the future were described in detail.

The city would be laid out with all the city streets concentric circles and major highways like the spokes of a wheel. Most travel would be by air, with cars only used for visiting within the city. Families would own their own helicopters and "convertiplanes," which could be used for land and air travel, and every house would have a flyport.

Although the homes would be underground, they would be open at each end, allowing access to terraced lawns and gardens. Because of increased population, land would be at a premium, so Laszlo envisioned "three-level use of a lot: living below the surface, landing on it and traveling above it."

His plans included a steel and concrete "mechanical core" roof, with tubes providing atomic energy for heating, cooling and power, as well as tubes for other utilities, and even pneumatic tubes to deliver goods that had been selected from televised displays in 3D and color. The houses would be 1800 square feet and include spacious bathrooms with glass-enclosed areas open to the heat and light of the sun and with adjacent outdoor pools.

Although Laszlo refused to predict that communities like these would exist in 50 years, Popular Mechanics speculated that his ideas might, in fact, turn out to be conservative.