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ARK Booktower

London, United Kingdom
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A wooden free-standing tower structure - designed by Rintala Eggertsson Architects - is placed in the staircase hall corner, lining with the existing pillars in the National Art Library of London.

The visitor is invited to choose an alternative, literature-filled promenade through the stairwell-space. One is able to choose an interesting book and withdraw to sit and read it in a peaceful one-person reading space in the core of the tower. Inside the reading space a reading light was installed. This light shines outwards through the structure, casting scattered light on the surrounding gallery walls, inviting readers like night lantern lures moths.

The books are second-hand/ recycled/ would be otherwise destroyed, and have been collected from publishers, libraries and universities during 2009/2010.

Outside, only white paper is shown of the books, creating a unified minimal wall surface. Interior is a contrasting collage of colors, titles and themes. To learn of the contents of the books, one has to enter the tower.