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Rudi Zupan

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Rudi Zupan was an Maribor architect who graduated in 1951 from the Ljubljana School of Architecture under the mentorship of Edvard Mihevec. In the history of modern Maribor architecture, his oeuvre is indispensable. In a residential area in Pobrežje, he developed a new type of apartment block, the "Butterfly", in which each apartment has its own, external access through the gallery. His two completed projects in the city center, the Center restaurant (demolished) and the Večera office building, were the first examples of architecture in Maribor with undisturbed concrete structures on the façade; prefabricated elements were used for their construction, and the facade of the Center restaurant was made of aluminum panels and glass. Rudi Zupan also collaborated with the Museum of National Liberation in Maribor, where he designed exhibitions.

Jozornik, October 31st, 2020