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Lemonot is a design and research platform, founded by Sabrina Morreale and Lorenzo Perri in 2016. Fluctuating among London, Bangkok, La Paz and Italy - they investigate architectural production and its implications on other disciplines.

Sabrina graduated at the Architectural Association in 2016. She has taught in London and Cambridge, while collaborating with various magazines (Rivista Studio, Cartha, Elle) and with the RIBA as a curator assistant. She also worked in London with multiple firms (OMMX, The Decorators and Office S&M), where she has been experimenting different fabrication techniques and materials as instruments to question the faceted nature of architectural practices.

Lorenzo graduated with Honours from the Architectural Association in 2016. He’s currently teaching at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and he’s a consultant for Experimental 9 at the AA, While participating in several competitions with international firms (Amid.Cero9, Elemental), he co-founded the research-based Plakat Platform and the architectural studio Ecòl. Obsessed with geometry and aesthetics, precision and expression, he studied engineering and classical piano before working in architecture.

Through Lemonot, they operate in between architecture and performative arts – using them as tools to celebrate the spontaneous theatre of everyday life. Spatial production is neither the beginning nor the end of their stories, rather it’s a filtering framework to grasp reality. Hungry observers and compulsive collectors of anthropic mirabilia, they’re interested in all those iconographic gestures enabling the mutual immanence among objects, bodies and rituals. In particular, their work attempts to define peculiar architectural settings for updated gastronomic ceremonies: food preparation and consumption construct a privileged ground to enact symbolic behaviours.

They have been teaching together at the AA Summer School since 2016, exploring gifs, filming and kitbashing techniques. In 2018 and 2019 they taught as Adjunct Professors at INDA in Bangkok and they’re now programme Heads of the AA Visiting School El Alto.

Their academic research focuses on contemporary folklore – as a trigger for unconventional spatial languages, between geometrical abstraction and material figurativism.

Lemonot, May 29th, 2020