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The former name of the building was Palais Donner and stands on the grounds of the former Berlin city fortifications. By royal order King Frederick II. of Prussia gave the property to built the palace in 1751, that was first a private house (on plans by Christian Friedrich Feldmanns), then it..

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Beelitz, Germany
by Heino Schmieden, ...

The Beelitz Heilstätten is a sanatorium complex with strong historical connections in the middle of a forest just outside Berlin - Hitler was here after being injured in the First World War, as well as Honecker, the last president of East Germany. This complex is a tipical example of abandoned..

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Olympic Village Wustermark

Wustermark, Germany

In Wustermark, near Elstal are the remains of the Olympic Village of the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

The massive complex had swimming pool, running track, football and soccer field etc. When the games were over some of its scenes were also used as a hospital and a Soviet Army Infantry School.

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Festspielhaus Hellerau

Dresden, Germany

Hellerau was born in the early twentieth century to accommodate a homogeneous community, demanding a life characterized by harmony and research for balance. It was the expression of a renewed energy that attracted many dancers, artists and visionaries of the time.

Built starting from the idea..

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