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The church designed by Jože Plečnik between the two world wars in marshes (Barje) near Ljubljana. Plecnik's creativity is evident in this wooden church where, in spite of a very limited budget, he managed to create a peaceful and informal environment.

This church is one of the most original..

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
est. 2006, Ljubljana

Kombinat is a combination of knowledge, commitment, openness and work enthusiasm. They cooperate with the client from first sketches to moving in. Projects extend from single family houses and apartment renovations to public buildings and urban spaces. Each new project is a challenge – an..

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House B

Podčetrtek, Slovenia
by Kombinat.

House B is the reconstruction of an existing wine cellar. Architects lowered the basement and completed a complete new upper housing part. The wooden massive structure is visible from the inside. The facade coat is completely closed when no one is at home.

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