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House in Posanco

Alcácer do Sal, Portugal
by Stefano Riva Architecture, ...

The House was constructed according on the research of the paradigms of the traditional architecture of the region. The implantation terrain of this house, located in the village of Possanco, sets the transition area between the new urban strip and the protected agriculture zone. An extensive..

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Casa Sulla Morella

Castelnovo Sotto Re, Italy
by Andrea Oliva Architetto

When you live in a block of flats you don’t get to choose the architecture of the building because it’s already there. The same thing happens when you buy a house already built by somebody else. But you get to choose the exact architecture you want to apply when building your own house. And at..

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University College North

Aalborg, Denmark

UCN Campus in Aalborg (DK) is a vision of an educational hub bringing together several specialized study programs under one roof. Faced with the demands for an alternative and sustainable learning environment, ADEPT and Friis & Moltke have worked closely with both staff and students to design a..

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This project for a summer home is a result of an order that from conditions in terms of program: a big living room, connected to an office area; a service area with space for light meals attached to the kitchen; a private area with two small bedrooms and a suite with an incorporated sauna; a..

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Federico Valssasina

Lisbon, Portugal
born 1955, Lisbon

Frederico Valsassina graduated from the Fine Arts School of Lisbon in 1979 and created his atelier in 1986. In 2005, he was a guest lecturer at the Architecture Competition that ran at the Campinas University – Brazil. Amongst other works, he is author of the R.T.P./R.D.P. Studios, the Campus..

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The Homewood

Esher, United Kingdom
by Patrick Gwynne

A great piece of pure interwar modernist architecture, rare for UK and probably one of the best in the country. Patric Gwynne who designed the house for himself and his family just before the II WW, then in his 20's was completely unexperienced architect without any significant portfolio...

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Amersham High & Over

Amersham, United Kingdom
by Amyas Connell

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House Aldeia do Juso

Aldeia de Juso, Portugal
by ARX Arquitectos, ...

The house is located the vicinity of Aldeia de Juso, the tiniest area of flat land and the house’s, as well as the high density of the new houses yet to be built in the surroundings, forcibly draw to leave possibilities of dilating space. The importance of expanding the outdoor space becomes a..

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