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House Ber

Johannesburg, South Africa
by Nico van der Meulen

The design of this contemporary glass house was inspired from the estate guidelines which forbid the use of burglar bars. Toying with the idea of protecting a house that’s already secured led to the exploration of large cantilevered boxes enclosed by black steel bars.
Rectangular in form, the..

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The owners of this custom designed glass and concrete home have four children, and requested a contemporary mansion making provision for an informal lifestyle on a grand scale.

The brief included a include a small formal lounge cum tete-a tete space, a large open plan family room, dining room..

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Urban Activation Unit

Berlin, Germany
est. 2020, Berlin

Urban Activation Unit or [UAU!] is a joint venture of practitioners, urbanists and educators aiming to embrace alternative pedagogical experiments and the qualities of third landscapes as ecosystems. UAU! challenges the established way of transferring knowledge acting as an open pedagogical..

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