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VDL Research House II

Los Angeles, California, USA
by Richard Neutra

A fire caused by an electrical fault destroyed the first complex VDL Research House I, in 1963, losing in the fire drawings and files that had gathered for decades, was a blow to the family Neutra. Neutra and his son and partner Dion rebuilt the studio-residence and gave it its current..

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Marjetica Potrč

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1953, Ljubljana

Marjetica Potrč is an artist and architect based in Ljubljana. Marjetica's work focuses on resilient habitat in spaces of across world-wide geography. She has worked in informal cites that arise as a result of the overflowing growth of the great urban centers. In this sense, her work offers a..

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São Paulo, Brazil
by Najmias Office for Architecture, ...

The property located in an area with a steep slope is for a family that would go on weekends and spend the holidays at the beach.

Located in a neighbourhood where the surrounding construction aims to gain height to get the best views and as a result horizon is hidden for passers, the BLNDR..

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The King’s Cross Pond Club was a public art project, commissioned by King’s Cross Central Partnership as part of the Relay Art Program. OOZE and Marjetica Potrč occupied a temporary site in the midst of the King’s Cross construction site in London and created a micro-ecological environment with a..

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Genoa, Italy
est. 2015, Genoa

CIRCOLO-A has been founded in 2015 in Genoa, Italy, by Simone Ierardi, Gabriele Molinelli and Valentina Penna. The office is involved in everything concerning architecture, design and landscape, focusing on sustainability and quality at all levels: each work, from interior to housing and public..

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Re-using City

Genoa, Italy

Water-squares is a method of redevelopment of public spaces that allow to save water avoiding the danger of floods. Today human kind has realized the real importance of raw materials; using them rationally is possible and deserved to preserve our planet and improve living conditions of everybody...

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An old fishing boat dock has been transformed into an outdoor theater on the banks of the River Tagus. It is a partially flooded area and also a space to enjoy the landscape from one of the highest points in the region. Following an international competition for the banks of the Tagus River in..

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Urban Works Agency (UWA)

est. 2014, San Francisco

The Urban Works Agency (UWA) is a research lab at California College of the Arts in San Francisco that leverages architectural design to affect social justice, ecological vitality, and economic resilience at the urban scale.

UWA believes that complex and often invisible forces shaping cities..

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Água Carioca

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Água Carioca is a research and design project analysing the potential for natural, self-sufficient and decentralised small-scale water management in informal settlements, by means of several case studies in Rio de Janeiro. It fundamentally turns around how we deal with water in urban areas: it is..

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Between the Waters

Essen, Germany
by OOZE, ...

Between the Waters: The Emscher Community Garden' is a water-supply infrastructure line between the Emscher River and the Rhine-Herne Canal. The project is a complete and sustainable water-supply system. It uses only water from the immediate area: the Emscher River, the Rhine-Herne Canal,..

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City of 1,000 Tanks

Chennai, India

Holistic urban strategy to combat floods, droughts and pollution through blue-green strategies. The project City of 1,000 Tanks identifies the interrelationships between the underlying causes of floods, water scarcity and pollution in Chennai and offers a holistic solution to these three..

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