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The village square was to be redesigned in order to revitalize the centre of the municipality. In order to obtain public acceptance the residents were involved in the planning process from an early stage on and the redesign was developed cooperatively. The overall objective was to create a..

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The main idea of the design is to push the individual traffic from the square and to create a large, inviting space.

Hans-Gasser-Platz is opened and invites people to stroll, relax and meet up. Through this opening an important, flexible space is designed and functions as the perfect spot for..

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Olympic Village Wustermark

Wustermark, Germany

In Wustermark, near Elstal are the remains of the Olympic Village of the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

The massive complex had swimming pool, running track, football and soccer field etc. When the games were over some of its scenes were also used as a hospital and a Soviet Army Infantry School.

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