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Florence, Italy
est. 1966, Florence

Superstudio was an avantgarde architecture and design collective founded in 1966 in Florence, Italy by Adolfo Natalini and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia. Other members included Roberto and Alessandro Magris, Piero Frassinelli and Alessandro Poli. Their work consisted principally of photo-collages,..

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In October of 1954, Popular Mechanics contained an article entitled "At Home, 2004 A.D.", in which Paul Laszlo's concept of Atomville and the home of the future were described in detail.

The city would be laid out with all the city streets concentric circles and major highways like the spokes..

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Vienna, Austria
est. 2013, Vienna

Celia-Hannes is the reunion of Célia Picard and Hannes Schreckensberger. The French-Austrian duo works between the fields of art, design and architecture. Their research based practice is primarily develop from a critical observation of architecture and the symbolic of objects. They consider the..

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Pascal Hausermann

born 1936, Bienne

Pascal Häusermann was a Swiss utopian architect specializing in bubble houses and organic architecture. Most of his creations were built in the Rhône-Alpes region, France. Precursor the Blob architecture. He studied at the School of Architecture at the University of Geneva and continued his..

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Ajla Selenić has been working many years on a continuous art project Hyperborea, an artistic research exploring the evolvement of the creative process, as well the meaning and expressiveness of the ontological and poetic qualities of form and space, merging the realms of architecture, design and..

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Bernard Rudofsky

New York, USA
born 1905, Suchdol nad Odrou

Bernard Rudofsky (April 19 1905 - March 12, 1988) was a Moravian-born American writer, architect, collector, teacher, designer, and social historian. He earned a doctorate in architecture in Austria before working in Germany, Italy and other countries. He temporarily settled in Brazil in the..

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atelier qbe3

est. 2006, Cuneo

Atelier qbe3 was founded in 2006 by the idea of three young creative.

It is "a workshop of architecture and design", "a creative space", where we try to recover, with ideas and the result of our craft, what "our" landscape and "our" city have transmitted over time.

The main aim of the..

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Cuneo, Italy
by atelier qbe3

Renovation is the keyword that becomes essential for architects work. Future of our cities must take into account the correct use of available resources, stopping the uncontrolled expansion of urban areas and recovery those portions of tissue that are often ignored, but that are full of history...

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The Lost Column

Siracusa, Italy
by atelier qbe3

The Maddalena peninsula is a rare architectural and landscape quality system, subject to constraints in 2004 with the establishment of Protected Marine Area. For these reasons, the design approach would be result in an entire territorial system absolute respect and preserving the image and..

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