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Whoever sees the tower from a distance, just like anyone who enters it, will quickly be reminded of the sixties. The fascination with technology and space travel are noticeable in the architecture; the cross-section of the TV tower resembles a space rocket.
The original design of..

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Burj Khalifa

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
by Adrian Smith

Burj Kalifa is known as Burj Dubai before its inauguration is a supertall skyscraper constructed in the Downtown Burj Dubai district of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is the tallest man-made structure ever built. Construction began on September 21st 2004, and the tower was offiially opened on..

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The Shukhov radio tower also known as the Shabolovka tower, is a broadcasting tower in Moscow designed by Vladimir Shukhov.

The 160-metre-high free-standing steel structure was built in the period 1920–1922, during the Russian Civil War. It is a hyperboloid structure (hyperbolic steel..

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Red Nailmaker Factory

St. Petersburg, Russia
by Iakov Chernikhov

The former steel-rolling factory "The Red Nailmaker " ("Krazny Gvozdilschik") is located in the southwest of Vasilievsky Island in St. Petersburg in the oldest industrial area, the Island of "The landmark of constructivism". The water tower was built in 1930-1931 after Iakov Chernikhov’s design...

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Les Choux de Créteil (aka the cabbages), designed by Gérard Grandval is a residential development located in Creteil, a commune in the southeastern suburbs of Paris, France. The complex which consists of ten towers (each fifteen stories high) was built in the early 70s as an experimental..

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The architecture faculty at the Technisches Universitaet in Berlin was designed by Bernhard Hermkes and Hans Scharoun in 1966.

It was the architect Bernhard Hermkes' goal to design a building specifically for the the education and training of architects. This is apparent in several aspects of..

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Watertower of Living

Soest, Netherlands
by Zecc Architecten

The water tower, which dates from 1931, was converted into an unparalled twenty-first-century home spread over nine levels by Zecc Architecten.

Many challenges are faced in the design: letting more daylight in and strengthening the relationship with the back courtyard by inserting a..

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City Tower

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
by Anne Tyng, ...

Louis Kahn and Anne Tyng collaborated on the futuristic City Tower, designed for Philadelphia in the late 1950s but never built. It was, however, included in “Visionary Architecture,” a 1960 exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.
The City Tower is designed for city of..

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Berlin, Germany
by Ralf Schüler, ...

Bierpinsel (or Beer Brush) is the name of a building with a restaurant in the Steglitz neighborhood of Berlin. It has a height of 46 meters with a shape resembling that of an observation tower - the original architectural idea was that of a tree shape. It was built from 1972 to 1976.


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Slovak Radio Building

Bratislava, Slovakia
by Štefan Svetko

The Building of Slovak radio is a building in Bratislava and it is shaped like an inverted pyramid. Architects of this project were Štefan Svetko, Štefan Ďurkovič and Barnabáš Kissling. It was completed in 1983. The building is 80 metres high and has a large concert hall. The first test broadcast..

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Velasca Tower

Milan, Italy
by Ernesto Nathan Rogers, ...

The Torre Velasca (Velasca Tower, in English) is a skyscraper built in 1950s by the BBPR architectural partnership, Milan, Italy. The tower is approximately 100 metres tall and has a peculiar and characteristic mushroom-like shape. The building responds to its prominent location near the Milan..

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Tower of Winds

Yokohama, Japan
by Toyo Ito

During the day the Tower of Winds stands as a 21m tall opaque object, its aluminum cladding shielding the mirrored plates and lights within. At night the lights and reflective surfaces dance to the music of the city, computer-controls reacting to both man-made and natural forces: There is a..

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In the center of Chengdu, China, at the intersection of the first Ring Road and Ren Ming Nam Road, the Sliced Porosity Block forms large public plazas with a hybrid of different functions. Creating a metropolitan public space instead of object-icon skyscrapers, this three million square foot..

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This modest, 880 square-foot cabin for a young family sits at the end of an old logging road, its compact volume hugging the edge of a small clearing in a remote Wisconsin forest.

The tight budget required a rigorously simple structure. In order to minimize the building’s footprint and take..

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Bahn Tower

Berlin, Germany
by Helmut Jahn

In an attractive urban context on Potsdamer Platz, a modern architectural ensemble has been created in a characteristic triangular arrangement.

The Bahn Tower is the new headquarters of Deutsche Bahn AG, with the Sony-Center behind and one of the entrances to the new subterranean regional..

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Al Mutawaa Tower

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
by DL architect, ...

The design concept for Al Mutawaa Tower in Dubai is based on the torsion of its storeys around a fixed core. As a consequence, the tower varies in its appearance from every angle and offers various unexpected perspectives. Metal rings in front of the facade not only emphasize the flowing shape of..

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Ethiopian Insurance Corporation

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
by BET architects, ...

The competition entry with our local partners in Addis Ababa, BET architects, was rewarded with formal approval.

Conceptually speaking – with structural metaphoric relationship – the Insurance Company embracing life and property of its customers is depicted as embracing nature by placing the..

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UNIS Towers

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Ivan Štraus

UNIS Twin towers (2 x 90m) are symbols of modern Sarajevo. They were built in 1986 and designed by Ivan Štraus. The Twin Towers are located in Marijin Dvor district in Sarajevo and were named "Momo and Uzeir" after two characters from a comedy show, a Serb and a Bosniak. The towers were heavily..

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Mariner's Cove

Gold Coast, Australia
by Zaha Hadid

Mariner's Cove is a proposed redevelopment scheme for the Seaworld Resort on Australia's Gold Coast. The planned project includes a pair of towers situated around a cove that will combine residential apartment and hotel suites along with public spaces combining galleries and retail spaces. In..

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Galfa Tower

Milan, Italy
by Melchiorre Bega

The Galfa Tower is a skyscraper in Milan by Melchiorre Bega. The skyscraper is due to architecture as International Style and an integral part of the planned "Management Centre" of the Italian financial capital, designed in the fifties and never fully realized.

The building has a rectangular..

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