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South America
est. 2001, Rotterdam

Supersudaca also written Supersudaka with a k is an international think tank of architecture and urban research consisting of 11 members from Ukraine, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic. In an almost stubborn way Supersudaca refuses to believe..

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Ciudad Blanca

Bahía de Alcudia, Spain
by Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza

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The design concept reflects current spatial and traffic arrangements on the site of a former petrol station. Located on the very south part of the area, the programme belt enables the stringing of diversely designed closed and open environments and ambiences. An entry park with areas for..

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Architecture without clients, the 'no-home' condition and life as a perpetual tourist. We live in the age of touristic reproduction where everybody is an eternal tourist on never ending journey. Living and travelling has become synonymous, the world has turned into a museum, therefore people..

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Salton Sea

Imperial Valley, California, USA

Often described as the only man-made mistake visible from space, the story of Salton Sea dates back to the end of the late 1890s when a Californian developer named Charles Rockwood decided to divert part of the Colorado River through two channels and bring water to the dry but fertile desert of..

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National Tourism Interest Center

Orihuela, Dehesa de Campoamor, Spain
by Antonio Orts Orts

Costa Blanca Green Paradise was built in Campoamor in a landscape of pine trees and scrublands as a new holiday center. Dehesa de Campoamor is divided into two broad sectors according to project phasing: La Glea and Diez Picos. The urban model follows principles from Athens Manifest: climate and..

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Barcelona, Spain
est. 2014, Barcelona-Paris

Pais(vi)agem is an independent research group born from the idea of Enrico Porfido and Claudia Sani, which aims to investigate the relation between tourism and landscapes. Today, it gathers a number of collaborators with different background and experiences. Enrico recently received his PhD..

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