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Paris, France
est. 2003, Paris

AWP is an award winning interdisciplinary office for territorial reconfiguration and design. It is based in Paris and develops projects internationally working on a wide variety of programmes: architecture, landscape design, strategic planning, urbanism.

These projects only differ in terms of..

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House in Barrocal

Algarve, Portugal
by ARX Arquitectos, ...

Old house’s ruins on strategic high grounds is a space for renovation. The essential in the house would go through this visual relationship with the far-off landmarks. The house would be the space between the ruin’s walls – which would become a patio – and new walls would raise around it in a..

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Urban Works Agency (UWA)

est. 2014, San Francisco

The Urban Works Agency (UWA) is a research lab at California College of the Arts in San Francisco that leverages architectural design to affect social justice, ecological vitality, and economic resilience at the urban scale.

UWA believes that complex and often invisible forces shaping cities..

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