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Pier Luigi Nervi

Rome, Italy
born 1891, Sondrio

Pier Luigi Nervi (June 21st, 1891 - January 9th, 1979) was an Italian engineer and architect. He studied at the University of Bologna and qualified in 1913. Dr. Nervi taught as a professor of engineering at Rome University from 1946-61. He is renowned for his brilliance as a structural engineer..

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New National Gallery

Berlin, Germany
by David Chipperfield, ...

The New National Gallery at the Kulturforum is a museum for modern art in Berlin, with its main focus on the early 20th century. The collection features a number of unique highlights of modern 20th century art. Particularly well represented are Cubism, Expressionism, the Bauhaus and Surrealism...

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Lisbon, Portugal
est. 2012, Lisbon

JQTS is an architecture studio working between Lisbon and Hamburg. The office’s work consists in a serial research into the open field of architecture combined with a process of learning from the empirical knowledge.

João Quintela (Portugal) graduated in Architecture from Universidade..

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
est. 1998, Ljubljana

Enota was founded in 1998 by Aljoša Dekleva, Dean Lah and Milan Tomac with the ambition to create contemporary and critical architectural practice of an open type based on collective approach to development of architectural and urban solutions. Over the years Enota has been constantly developing..

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Dean Lah

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1971, Maribor

Dean Lah was born in 1971 in Maribor, Slovenia and graduated from the Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture in 1998. In the same year he cofounded the architectural office Enota where he works as partner architect ever since. For his work in Enota he received many architectural awards, his work has..

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Milan Tomac

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1970, Koper

Milan Tomac was born in 1970 in Koper, Slovenia and he graduated from the Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture in 1998. In the same year he cofounded the architectural office Enota where he works as partner architect ever since. For his work in Enota he received many architectural awards, his work..

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House Ber

Johannesburg, South Africa
by Nico van der Meulen

The design of this contemporary glass house was inspired from the estate guidelines which forbid the use of burglar bars. Toying with the idea of protecting a house that’s already secured led to the exploration of large cantilevered boxes enclosed by black steel bars.
Rectangular in form, the..

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The owners of this custom designed glass and concrete home have four children, and requested a contemporary mansion making provision for an informal lifestyle on a grand scale.

The brief included a include a small formal lounge cum tete-a tete space, a large open plan family room, dining room..

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Elado Dieste

Atlantida, Uruguay
born 1917, Artigas

Eladio Dieste was a Uruguayan engineer and architect who made his reputation by building a range of structures from grain silos, factory sheds, markets and churches in Uruguay.

He invented the Gaussian vault, a thin-shell structure for roofs in single-thickness brick, that derives its..

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La Concha Motel

Las Vegas, USA
by Paul Williams

The La Concha Motel was opened in 1961[ and closed in 2004. It was designed by architect Paul Williams who was one of the first prominent African American architects in the United States and was also the architect who designed the first LAX [Terminal 1] theme building. It was located on the Las..

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Winning the competition to design the National Museum of African American History and Culture has consolidated the practice’s US portfolio with arguably the nation’s most prestigious new building. Located on Constitution Avenue, adjacent to the National Museum of American History and the..

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Sugar Hill Development

New York, USA
by David Adjaye, ...

Adjaye Associates' latest development has opened in the historic neighborhood of Harlem, New York: a complex that aims to combat poverty and revitalize the community by bringing together affordable housing (including housing for homeless New Yorkers), a Preschool, and a 17,000 square foot..

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Mercado Libertad

Guadalajara, Mexico
by Alejandro Zohn

Mercado Libertad is one of the largest indoor markets in Mexico with an area of 40,000 m². The market has three levels and two parking lots where it hosts 1700 posts, 300 car park, school, gym, and one clinic.

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Mur Island

Graz, Austria
by Vito Acconci

The Mur Island in Graz is actually not an island at all, but an artificial floating platform in the middle of the Mur river. This landmark of Graz was designed by New York City artist Vito Acconci on the occasion of Graz becoming the 2003 European Capital of Culture.

The building is in the..

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The Education Center is developed along two parallel lines, following the natural contours of the ground and the axis of development of Novedrate. The complex is divided into a rhythmic elements in blocks, that determine the functional development of the internal spaces, divided into areas for..

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New York, USA
by Norman Bel Geddes, ...

Unlike preceding world's fairs, which presented technological innovations, arts, crafts, cultural diversity and scientific achievements, the New York World's Fair of 1939 sought to showcase the concepts and visions of the world of tomorrow. After years of the Great Depression, futuristic optimism..

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Constructed with the existing stone and color prefabricated beams on the edge of the plot is completely integrated in the surroundings.

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Alexander Bodon

Amsterdam, Netherlands
born 1906, Amsterdam

Alexander Bodon (Vienna, 6 September 1906 – Amsterdam, 22 January 1993) was a Dutch architect. He began studying in Budapest in 1924. To Netherlands he moved in 1929 to continue his studies, working with Jan Wils. He later worked for architects Jan Buijs and Lürsen, and for the agencies of Ben..

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Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum is situated inside the Shamen Grain Depot Cultural and Creative Park with unique historical context. Taking advantage of a large area of existing factories and warehouses in the former Soviet Union style within the park, the new project aims at reintegrating and..

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Moskow, Russia
by KOSMOS Architects

EMA is a project of revitalization of an ex-industrial territory in the center of Moscow. In the last decade, the industry (factory of Electrical Medical Apparates) was relocated and the territory became abandoned. New interventions - immense shining of foil reflections, theatrical scaleless..

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