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Mamoru Kawaguchi

Tokyo, Japan
born 1932, Fukui

Mamoru Kawaguchi grew up in the small town of Fukui together with seven siblings as a son of strictly religious Buddhists. In the Second World War his parental home fell victim to an air raid attack. In June 1948 it was again destroyed by a heavy earthquake, with the family happily surviving...

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Sergio Musmeci

Rome, Italy
born 1926, Rome

Sergio Musmeci studied at University "La Sapienza" in Rome, where he graduated in civil engineering (1948) , and in aeronautical engineering (1953). His professional activity began in the office of Riccardo Morandi and Pier Luigi Nervi. In 1953 he started working with the architect Zenaide..

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Fabrizio De Miranda

Milan, Italy
born 1926, Naples

Fabrizio de Miranda graduated with a degree in civil engineering in 1950 from the University of Naples. Since 1952, he worked in the field of bridge and structural design. In 1959, he became the choice Managing Director of the largest italian steelwork company, “Costruzioni Metalliche Finsider..

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In the years of urban growth after WW II Riccardo Morandi designed and built a multi-purpose building that houses shops, warehouses, houses and an impressive cinema. In a densely inhabited district, characterized by an intensive expansion, the building determines a square, an important urban void..

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The “New Entrance Re Teodorico” entrance plaza on the south side of the Veronafiere Trade Show grounds, an international leader in the agriculture and agro-food sector, hosting 45% of Italian trade shows in their two fields. More than 87% of Veronafiere’s turnover is generated by its organized..

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