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Dresden, Germany
by Peter Birkenholz

The Kugelhaus was a ball-shaped house building in Dresden on the Exhibition Grounds between exhibition palace and Hercules Avenue. At that time it was Stübelplatz by Peter Birch Wood (1876-1961) built in 1928.

It housed showrooms, and a catering operation and is considered to be the first..

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VDL Research House II

Los Angeles, California, USA
by Richard Neutra

A fire caused by an electrical fault destroyed the first complex VDL Research House I, in 1963, losing in the fire drawings and files that had gathered for decades, was a blow to the family Neutra. Neutra and his son and partner Dion rebuilt the studio-residence and gave it its current..

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Dave Cann

O'Connor, Australia
born 1971, Perth

Dave is a western Australian architect specialized in a wide range of structural steel framing systems and has built a significant record in engineering & architectural design services. With its Superwall and Hydrowall systems design, Dave has quickly gained a reputation for economical and..

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Lustron houses are prefabricated enameled steel houses developed in the post-World War II era United States in response to the shortage of homes for returning GIs. Considered low-maintenance and extremely durable, it was expected to attract modern families who might not have the time or interest..

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Home Studio

Paris, France
by Paul Chemetov

Paul Chemetov designed his home/studio in 1995. The three-part building comprises of two dwellings and an office for the practice itself. The latter is the adjoining glass and glass-brick addition, reminiscent of Pierre Chareau’s famous modernist Parisian house Maison de Verre (1932), to the side..

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Milan, Italy
by SET Architects

ALBUM “a collection of 10 photos” has been declared the winning proposal of Exhib-it!, a competition promoted by Florim4Architects. It will be on display during the Milanese Design Week inside the central flagship store of Florim, a world leader in ceramics. The proposal was awarded by a jury..

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