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Open Air Altar

Brezje, Slovenia
by Maruša Zorec, ...

The pilgrimage church of St. Vid was built in the late 19th century. The square in front of the church is an essential part of the church complex, as this is where the public gathers on religious holidays for Mass and other open-air Catholic ceremonies. During the 20th century, several plans were..

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The village square was to be redesigned in order to revitalize the centre of the municipality. In order to obtain public acceptance the residents were involved in the planning process from an early stage on and the redesign was developed cooperatively. The overall objective was to create a..

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The main idea of the design is to push the individual traffic from the square and to create a large, inviting space.

Hans-Gasser-Platz is opened and invites people to stroll, relax and meet up. Through this opening an important, flexible space is designed and functions as the perfect spot for..

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Piazza Tartini

Piran, Slovenia
by Boris Podrecca

The design of Tartini Square is a multi-layered cultural-historical process in specific topographical situation of the coastal city of Piran. The square was built on the site of an old harbor, which was situated in the heart of the small town and was connected to the sea only by a narrow estuary...

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Brusseles, Belgium
est. 1998, Brusseles

51N4E is a Brussels-based international practice that concerns itself with matters of architectural design, concept development and strategic spatial transformations. It is led by Johan Anrys and Freek Persyn. It was founded in 1998 and gained renown through key projects such as Lamot (2005), TID..

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Where everything started? Kaunas has been renovating for quite a while now, preparing to be the cultural capital in 2022 starting with changing the concrete in the city center which was chipped off, outdated and had spacing that stopped anything with wheels, such as skateboards, scooters. A lot..

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