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Fragile Shelter

Sapporo Hokkaido, Japan
by Hidemi Nishida

Japanese artist and designer Hidemi Nishida has completed 'Fragile Shelter', a temporary winter structure located deep in the forest in Sapporo, Japan. Modest and gentle, the building looks to bring people together in an empathetic and unlikely space which will leave no evidence of its existence..

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Working with Refugee Housing and the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR), the IKEA Foundation has funded the development and manufacturing of a new modular shelter to be used in refugee camps.

Refugee Housing and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Innovation team have been..

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This 1,000 square-foot (93 square-metre) holiday cabin is designed as a simple steel box on stilts. The design is derived from the environmental conditions of the area. Being situated near a river on a floodplain, the building is therefore designed to be completely shuttered when not in use...

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Paper House

Kobe, Japan
by Shigeru Ban

Paper house is a creation by Shigeru Ban to provide a temporary home (16 square meters) to several victims of the Kobe earthquake. Later they were also built in India and Turkey. These houses could be easily constructed. As foundations cases of beer (lent by the beer company) filled with sand..

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The Cockpit

River Fal, United Kingdom
by Team 4

The Cockpit is the first professional project of Team 4. Constructed between 1963 and 1964, it consists of a shelter. This Cockpit, situated on a peninsula overlooking the mouth of the River Fal is posed by the team as a true architectural object clearly organized, where integration is allied..

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Demountable House

Lorraine, France
by Jean Prouvé

Involved in regeneration of the region both as a native of Nancy and as a builder of genius, Jean Prouvé won an order for emergency housing from the Ministry of Reconstruction and Town Planning.

First built in 1944 to rehouse war victims in Lorraine, these houses survived the postwar period..

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Ricardo Gomes and Gabriela Raposo from KWY in collaboration with Warehouse (Sebastião de Botton, Malin Mohr, Ricardo Morais and Rúben Teodoro) designed the work Flagship Shelters - Bottle Collectors VIP for the 2016 edition of Roskilde Festival. The work was located at the Art Zone and part of..

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This building, designed for an NGO, houses a creche for the children of working women in the slum re-settlement colony of Seemapuri in East Delhi. The structure is an exploration of the properties of brick as a material and uses no cement or concrete. The load bearing walls, corbelled and arched..

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