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La Chesnaie

Saint-Nazaire, France
by Lacaton & Vassal

The block of 3 rue des Ajoncs is a part of a highrise estate, La Chesnaie, characteristic of the urban planning of the 70s, based on the massive development of modern housing in the context of providing apartments for all and an optimistic vision of the future. It is currently being redeveloped..

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“Paper brick” is a waste paper cup pavilion that aims to orientate and raise public attention, regarding awareness on waste recycling and reuse in a small waterfront city in the Marmara Region, Tekirdağ. The pavilion was created for the World Environment Day 2015 in Tuğlalı Park, one of the most..

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Hann's House

Rotterdam, Netherlands
by Herman Haan

The house Herman Haan build for himself and his wife Hansje, on a piece of land at the edge of Rotterdam where the debris of the demolished city centre during a bombardment in 1940 was collected, is radically open. It consists of two elongated volumes: an elevated, ‘floating’ open volume with the..

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Re-using City

Genoa, Italy

Water-squares is a method of redevelopment of public spaces that allow to save water avoiding the danger of floods. Today human kind has realized the real importance of raw materials; using them rationally is possible and deserved to preserve our planet and improve living conditions of everybody...

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Village Yard

Lisbon, Portugal
by Colectivo Warehouse

Village Yard is a project that Warehouse has developed since February 2015 in collaboration with the Village Underground Lisboa team based in Museu da Carris in Alcântara. The main goal of the project is to create a friendly atmosphere around Village Underground’s exterior areas. For this purpose..

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Moskow, Russia
by KOSMOS Architects

EMA is a project of revitalization of an ex-industrial territory in the center of Moscow. In the last decade, the industry (factory of Electrical Medical Apparates) was relocated and the territory became abandoned. New interventions - immense shining of foil reflections, theatrical scaleless..

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During the communist regime between 1945 and 1991, Albania experienced a unique brand of communism which led to its total isolation not only from the west, but increasingly from the east as well. Hoxha's strict adherence to Leninism led to a break between Albania and the USSR in 1961, giving..

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Terra + Tuma

Sao Paulo, Brazil
est. 2006, Sao Paulo

The architecture office Terra + Tuma became famous after one of its projects, done with very little money and ingenious solutions, went viral on the internet. Although the repercussions were very positive, the office's work was never restricted to just one type of client and solution. To change..

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Vila Matilde

Sao Paulo, Brazil
by Terra + Tuma

In 2011, a young man reached out to us about the possibility of designing a house for his mother, a person of few belongings, who lived in a house with severe structural and sanitary problems. Ms. Dalva has lived for decades in Vila Matilde, an outlying neighbourhood in São Paulo, Brazil. Close..

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est. 2018, Skopje, Ljubljana

KONNTRA is a young architecture and design studio, based in Slovenia, North Macedonia and Croatia. Was founded in 2018 by Erik Jurišević, Mirjana Lozanovska and Silvija Shaleva. They present a different approach, of understanding and articulating the space we live in. The unconditional will, to..

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The business premises of the marketing agency are designed in an open space, which consists of a platform, offices and service rooms in the background. At the same time, the space is directly connected to a larger studio. The central element of the space is the platform designed as an..

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