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The Müngsten Bridgepark House or 'Haus Müngsten' is the first building phase of a competition for the Bridgepark Müngsten which hwas held in 2008 and won by the architect Tore Pape. In total three buildings are planned for the park. The Bridgepark Müngsten was created in 2006 as a tourist..

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[h]An opposite pair with twisted signs.[/h]

The cafeteria and the restaurant Comida y Pan and Comida y Luz are set in the “Executive Building”, which was designed by the Spanish architects NO.MAD.

As part of the selection procedure we were commissioned by the Comida-Crew to develop and..

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-universial media space-

The first LOVE F CAFÉ is placed at the formerly most exclusive and prominent corner in Vienna – the “SIRK-corner”. The Café, owned by TV cannel Fashion-TV, is set in the middle of the broad entry into the traditional Viennese city center, succeeding in striking a..

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The main focus of this design is the connection between the long tradition of the building of Sofiensäle and modern, contemporary architecture.

The Room is café, bar, restaurant and club in one location. The day design offers bright colors and a cozy feel-good atmosphere for breakfast, brunch,..

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Serpentine Restaurant

London, United Kingdom
by Patrick Gwynne

The Serpentine Restaurant was a canopy-like building in Hyde Park which was dedicated to new private catering facilities. It was a part of a project which included two new restaurants in the same area of the park, the other one being Dell restaurant. It consisted of concrete terraces which..

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Project 15: Interior Design
Client: 871.Connie
Location: Liverpool, UK.

A unique design of restaurant Interior and bar with decent chair-table and ceiling makes the view more realistic and beautiful. In other views of private dining, an open ceiling looks more attractive with side wall &..

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Beirut, Lebanon
by Bernard Khoury

The Centrale project is housed in the recuperated ruin of a 1920's residential structure placed under historical protection. It is located in an area that was deserted during the civil war due to its proximity to the demarcation line that separated east and west Beirut. In the vicinity of the..

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At the beginning of the 60’s tourism in Slovene coastline became more and more important therefore many new specialized restaurants, bars and pubs were built. Edo Mihevc takes the credit for many of them, for example, first nightclubs (pubs in Triglav hotel and Tri papige in 1963),..

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Restaurant Interior Lucija

Portorož, Slovenia
by Edo Mihevc

Restaurant Lucija was designed by Slovenian architect Edo Mihevc. It was built in 1963 in Lucija, which is a settlement in the Municipality of Piran in the Littoral region of Slovenia. At the time the modern builiding was built, it represented the centre of Tourist Settlement Lucija, for which..

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