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R-Urban is a bottom-up strategy that explores the possibilities of enhancing the capacity of urban resilience by introducing a network of resident-run facilities to create complementarity between key fields of activity (economy, housing, urban agriculture, culture). R-Urban initiates locally..

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François Roche

Paris, France
born 1961, Paris

François Roche (born 1961, Paris) is a French architect, co-founder of the architecture studio, New-Territories including LabM4, Mindmachinemakingmyths, among others names. He studied in Chalon-sur-Saône, and afterward entered scientific preparatory school in Lyon. He left that school prior to..

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Al Borde

Quito, Ecuador
est. 2007, Quito

Founded in 2007 in Quito, Al Borde is led by architects Pascual Gangotena (1977), David Barragán (1981), Maria Luisa Borja (1984) and Esteban Benavides (1985). The collective focuses on the human dimension of space achieved through a minimal resort to available resources. Drawing on the..

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Entre Muros House

Quito, Ecuador
by Al Borde

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Urban Works Agency (UWA)

est. 2014, San Francisco

The Urban Works Agency (UWA) is a research lab at California College of the Arts in San Francisco that leverages architectural design to affect social justice, ecological vitality, and economic resilience at the urban scale.

UWA believes that complex and often invisible forces shaping cities..

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