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Thalia Theatre

Lisbon, Portugal
by Barbas Lopes Arquitectos, ...

Originally located in the outskirts of Lisbon, Thalia Theatre opened in the 1840s. A venue of leisure for a local aristocrat, it burned down shortly after and remained derelict since then. For almost 150 years, the Thalia Theatre remained in ruins. While the outskirts of Lisbon sprawled round its..

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The 9G buildings were slated for demolition by the city. Six partially occupied town houses were rehabilitated and converted into subsidized Co-ops giving previous tenants the first opportunity for purchase. Each floor, originally divided into two very small studio units, was transformed into an..

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V&A Members’ Room

London, United Kingdom
by Carmody Groarke

The New Members’ Room for the Victoria & Albert Museum has rehabilitated one of the original top floor galleries within the Grade I 1909 Aston Webb building. The creative adaptation of the original gallery, which is both magnificent in character and vast in scale, has been envisaged as part of..

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Beijing, Chile
est. 2010, Beijing

Arch Studio devotes to using multi-perspective and rational means to intervene the development of contemporary urban living environment, finding a right balance between the connections of reality and nature, history and culture, creating a spatial environment that is full of the spirit of times..

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Tea House in Huton

Beijing, China
by Archstudio

Tea House is located in Beijing traditional Huton district and has a L shape structure. The space has five traditional and temporary corroded steel houses. The tea house will serve for new public programe.

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King’s House

Bled, Slovenia
by Sadar Vuga

Tourism in Bled started in 1855 when Swiss hydropath Arnold Rikli acknowledged the value and advantage of the local climate. More and more tourists followed Rikli’s patients, spending their holidays in a healthy and beautiful environment. Between both wars, Bled became a top metropolitan resort..

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An old fishing boat dock has been transformed into an outdoor theater on the banks of the River Tagus. It is a partially flooded area and also a space to enjoy the landscape from one of the highest points in the region. Following an international competition for the banks of the Tagus River in..

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Tomaž Krištof

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1974, Maribor

Tomaž Krištof graduated at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana in 2002 and is a postgraduate student at the same faculty since 2011. Working at Reicheberg architectural studio in Maribor and Sadar+Vuga in Ljubljana and Rojkind arquitectos in Ciudad de Mexico until 2008, he established his..

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KOKO Architects

Tallinn, Estonia
est. 2000, Tallinn

KOKO was founded in 2000 with its very first project – the Estonian pavilion at the Hannover World’s Fair. The design – featuring spruce trees on the pavilion roof with carrots for roots, embedded in limestone – felt like a fresh breeze at the time and 16 years later, the practice still receives..

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Fahle House

Tallinn, Estonia
by KOKO Architects

Located at the gates of Tallinn, Fahle house with its conceptually clear and self-aware yet playful architecture stimulates the desires of the passers-by, encourages them to imagine life in this large green aquarium with the best views in the capital. It is a modern, chic and stylish living..

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Next to an existing kindergarten, the new pavilions of the kindergarten were placed immediately at the edge of the large garden. A new lobby now links the old and new parts of the kindergarten and provides for direct access to the garden. A multi-usable facade all along the garden serves as a..

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The Austrian Film Museum is famous for its „Invisible Cinema“, in which the physical space of the auditorium disappears into the black in favour of the projection to be the only space of experience in this movie theatre. The new construction for the Austrian Film Museum works complementary to the..

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Hubert-Jan Henket

Vught, Netherlands
born 1940, Heerlen

Hubert-Jan Henket is an emeritus professor of the Delft and the Eindhoven Universities of Technology, the Netherlands. He is the founder and honorary president of DOCOMOMO international since 1988. From 1969-1976 he practiced in Helsinki and London. In 1976 he started his own practice, since 2010..

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Copenhagen, Denmark
by Dorte Mandrup

The building was a beer hall in 1861 and a popular disco nightclub in the 1970s. Dorte Mandrup entered the historic house with an ambition to expose the building so that the unique spatial qualities could reveal themselves, the visual connections and the spatial flow would become evident, and the..

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Very special and delicate project was managing the design works and construction of Opera theatre “ Filial of Bolshoi Theatre”- New Stage, Moscow, Russia. The design works were organized between the Moscow Institute MOSPROJECT 2 name N.M. Posohina, and Belgrade Company “SETLOST TEATAR” (Joint..

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Gallery n09-z33

Hasselt, Belgium
by Francesca Torzo

Z33 belongs to the Beguinage of Hasselt, a monument and a part of the city. The historical complex resembles an island in the urban tissue, due to the exceptional size of the void and for the permanency of its border through history, an incongruous but continuous system of brick constructions. Add to a collection

Dana Street House

Massachusetts - Cambridge, USA
by Hashim Sarkis

5 Dana Street is an existing single-family house located between a historic, residential area in Cambridge and the commercial strip along Massachusetts Avenue. Built in the 1830s in the Greek Revival style, the house maintains the original layout of a Doric porch, a two-story volume organized..

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Rotterdam, Netherlands
by Lotte Stam-Beese

Ommoord is Rotterdam's last major high-rise development. Consisting of several low-rise neighborhoods about a core of high-rise, the area sits along a central axis of facilities. The high-rise zone is assembled from stempels (repetitive units) each of two angled and two rectangular blocks of..

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Public Market of Florianópolis

Florianópolis, Brazil
by Aleph Zero

Florianopolis Public Market's history includes demolitions, changes of location, several renovations, and the active participation of generations of consumers, sales people and different administrations. The new roof for the central span appears as another element in this narrative, and as such..

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Brusseles, Belgium
est. 1998, Brusseles

51N4E is a Brussels-based international practice that concerns itself with matters of architectural design, concept development and strategic spatial transformations. It is led by Johan Anrys and Freek Persyn. It was founded in 1998 and gained renown through key projects such as Lamot (2005), TID..

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