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Pier Luigi Nervi

Rome, Italy
born 1891, Sondrio

Pier Luigi Nervi (June 21st, 1891 - January 9th, 1979) was an Italian engineer and architect. He studied at the University of Bologna and qualified in 1913. Dr. Nervi taught as a professor of engineering at Rome University from 1946-61. He is renowned for his brilliance as a structural engineer..

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Republic Square: TR3

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Edvard Ravnikar

Republic Square complex is the biggest project of a single architect in Ljubljana's center. Edvard Ravnikar won first prize in 1960 competition. The original request was to make a monument memory for the revolution. It was planned as a new Slovenian political center with a square for mass..

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Dante Bini

Firenze, Italy
born 1932, Castelfranco Emilia

Dante Bini invented Binishells in 1960. They are reinforced concrete thin-shell structures that are lifted and shaped by air pressure Bini built 1,600 of them in 23 countries. The original Binishells are circular in plan and are reinforced via a system of springs and rebar. Uses range from..

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The Education Center is developed along two parallel lines, following the natural contours of the ground and the axis of development of Novedrate. The complex is divided into a rhythmic elements in blocks, that determine the functional development of the internal spaces, divided into areas for..

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