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Podgorica, Montenegro
by Rifat Alihodžić, ...

The main goal of this project is to achieve the unity in the contrast between the existing object that requires a partial reconstruction and a newly-built object that, naturally, needs to represent the time of its construction.
This project requires building and upgrading of the existing..

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Kikinda City Centre

Kikinda, Serbia
by Predrag Cagić, ...

It is hard to define the „genre“ for the reconstruction of urban core and some parts of the urban tissue of Kikinda. Historiographical studies and typological analyses, the expansion of the housing zone with additional contents, the designing of isolated business-housing complexes, conservation..

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After a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the town on 11 March 2011, several major companies were urged to help by a longtime friend of Yamada-machi in The Hague, the Netherlands. This business group decided to offer the town a facility where children would have a place to play, heal and..

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BH Electric Power Building

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Ivan Štraus

The building of the The Electrical Management (Elektroprivreda) Building in Sarajevo was designed in 1978 but was destroyed when the city of Sarajevo was under blockade and military siege from 1992 to 1995. The Siege of Sarajevo was the longest siege in the history of modern warfare, conducted by..

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House HV

Bašelj, Slovenia
by Kombinat.

House HV is situated at the foot of the Karavanke Alps, overlooking the Ljubljana basin. It represents a transformation of a weekend house – a two storey wooden hut with a concrete ground floor - into a family home. The owner wanted to extend the living area in the form of a winter garden and a..

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Fandler Oil Mill

Pöllau, Austria
by epps architekten

[h]Tradition meets concrete[/h]
What an unexpected sight. You can already see it 200 metres away – the Fandler Oil Mill. Local residents love it when it lights up in the evening. Definitely unusual for these parts, which are characterised rather by a seemingly random scattering of different..

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of GDR located in Schinkelplatz replaced the previous institutional building. The government decided to construct a completely new building in a politically iconic place to reorganize the socialist Berlin city center. The white, 145-meter high ten-storey building..

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Josep Lluís Mateo

Barcelona, Spain
born 1949, Barcelona

Josep Lluis Mateo graduated in Architecture in 1974 from the ETSAB and gained his doctorate at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in 1994. He has been Professor of the Architecture and Projects Department at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich (ETH-Z) since 2002. He has also taught at..

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The retaining wall to the rear that anchors the house to the hillside was extremely lovely. As well as expressing the effort of retaining the earth, it concentrated in one place the oven and the point of collection of the water that filters through it.

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Demountable House

Lorraine, France
by Jean Prouvé

Involved in regeneration of the region both as a native of Nancy and as a builder of genius, Jean Prouvé won an order for emergency housing from the Ministry of Reconstruction and Town Planning.

First built in 1944 to rehouse war victims in Lorraine, these houses survived the postwar period..

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Government office building in Ljubljana was projected in 1945 by Stanko Rohrman and built for the Ministry of foreign affairs. After its reconstruction and interior renewal the building will host a new user namely various governmental agencies. Strings of offices are narrowing as to the actual..

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House B

Podčetrtek, Slovenia
by Kombinat.

House B is the reconstruction of an existing wine cellar. Architects lowered the basement and completed a complete new upper housing part. The wooden massive structure is visible from the inside. The facade coat is completely closed when no one is at home.

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