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London Olympic Substation

London, United Kingdom

In 2007, NORD were appointed to work with EDF Energy and Olympic Development Agency to develop a strong contextual approach to a key utility building in the Olympic Park.

A number of structures are required to house infrastructure for both the 2012 Games and Legacy. The electricity substation..

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Oloron-Sainte-Marie Multimedia Center

Oloron-Sainte-Marie, France
by Pascale Guedot, ...

Pascale Guédot has brought sustainable architecture back to Oloron-Sainte-Marie in southwestern France, a town that was once an industrial wasteland.

The Oloron-Sainte-Marie Multimedia Center is now an eco friendly community gathering spot where an abandoned beret factory once stood. With the..

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The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, located in the center of the city’s cultural complex and designed by Preston Scott Cohen has completed construction and will open to the public shortly. The program for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Amir Building posed an extraordinary architectural challenge: to resolve..

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Hirosihima, Japan
by Suppose Design Office

With this project the architects wanted to see what they could do amidst the functional constraints of a clinic.

Instead of keeping places normally used for movement such as an elevator shaft or stair wells closed, they wanted to open them up to collect light, using them as lightwells to..

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The parcel which has approximately 13.800 m² ground area is located in Göztepe region of Kadıkoy district. Located between Kadıkoy-Kartal direction of E-5 highway which has high vehicle density, it has a quite long facade facing the road. It is approximately 10m below the road elevation. Based..

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Tongxian Gatehouse

Bejing, China
by Nader Tehrani, ...

The Tongxian Gatehouse was built over ten years ago, some 30 minutes outside of Beijing. With the speed of expansion, the project now sits within the expanding footprint of the city, and what was a rural small town has become densified. With this advent, the rural roads have had to be widened...

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Kidričevo Kindergarten

Kidričevo, Slovenia
by Mojca Gregorski

Kidričevo kindergarten is situated on a flat terrain near a residential area of a small town. It was designed to create new public and half-public spaces near an already existing school. The concept of kindergarten's building is based on a context of the location and on needs of the town's..

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Andrej Strehovec

born 1978, Slovenia

Andrej Strehovec (1978, Slovenia) is an architect, critic, independent custos, international selector, juror, theorist, intermedia designer, scenographer. He graduated at the Faculty for Architecture at the University of Ljubljana. As an architectural critic, he has been publishing in the field..

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Museum of Language

Songdo, South Korea

JDAP [] has designed an international centre for language in Songdo, South Korea. Sited on a bend in the stream that runs through the city's central park, the building forms an open gateway that draws people from the park, into an Open Centre at the heart of the building. Gently draped..

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