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Educational Model

Belgrade, Serbia
by Sonja Jankov

Series of lectures are focusing on architectural drawing (sketch or technical drawing) by purpose of learning about typology of flats and contents within flats. Lectures can be organised as workshops, exhibited as interactive piece or transformed into computer/smart phone game.

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Fernando Higueras was an extraordinary and talented architect with many different approaches towards architecture. His figure was forgotten during the last years of his life within the most orthodox Spanish academic schools due to his heterodoxy facing projects. His recognition started through..

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Porto, Portugal
est. 2015, Porto

SUMMARY is an architectural studio founded in the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto. Seeking the balance between pragmatism and experimentalism, this studio aims for solutions that could answer a prominent challenge that the contemporary world places to architecture: how to make..

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Port Leucate, France
by Georges Candilis

The Hexacube designed by Georges Candilis and Anja Blomstedt is a simple hexagonal structure. It consists of two fiberglass reinforced fiberglass parts with large modular openings. The parts consists of plastic shell elements and offer a possibility to create a system of them in multiple..

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Vale de Cambra, Portugal

The requirements for this project were boldly defined from the beginning: the construction should be fast, cost effective and changeable over time, which prompted the studio to use prefabricated elements and to leave parts of the project undefined, assuming the immediacy, flexibility and..

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Arouca, Portugal

This project is a prototype of the Gomos System, which results from a business R&D project and consists of a concrete modular system,presenting an accurate and efficient solution for the contemporary need for simplification and acceleration of the building processes.

This is an..

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