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Black Females in Architecture (BFA)

London, United Kingdom
est. 2018, London

Black Females in Architecture (BFA) is a network for Black Women in the built environment to gain access and support structures to develop and enhance their potential in the varying disciplines. The aim is to improve the statistics of Black Women in the fields of architecture, landscape..

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New York, USA
est. 2012, New York

Architexx is an organization for gender equity in architecture transforming the profession by bridging the academy and practice. The group was founded by Nina Freedman and Lori Brown who met at one of Lori’s roundtable book events at the Van Alen Institute in the spring of 2012. They are a..

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Sydney, Australia
est. 2014, Sydney

Parlour was initiated as part of the Australian Research Council-funded research project Equity and Diversity in the Australian Architecture Profession: Women, Work, and Leadership. It brings together research, informed opinion and resources on women, equity and architecture in Australia. It..

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Taking Place

Scheffield, United Kingdom
est. 2010

Taking place is a group of 7 women artists and architects (Sue Ridge, Julia Dwyer, Doina Petrescu, Jane Rendell, Katie Lloyd Thomas, Jos Boys, Brigid McLeer, Helen Stratford, Miche Fabre Lewin, Angie Pascoe, Teresa Hoskyns) . It is an ongoing space of discussion, investigation and exchange in..

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Cosmo-Clinical Interiors of Beirut examines the constructed space, interior finishes, and designed protocols of the plastic surgery clinic to make perceptible its role in shaping subjects, virginity culture and an ideal body. The exhibition is probing the medical-cosmetic industry where cultural..

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Now What?!

New York, USA
by Architexx

Now What?! was curated by Andrea J. Merrett, Roberta Washington, Sarah Rafson and Lori A. Brown at the Pratt Institute Liaison and exhibition designer. Now What?! is the first exhibition to examine the little-known history of architects and designers working to further the causes of the civil..

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The Parlour Guidelines to Equitable Practice were released at the 2014 National Architecture in Perth last week. Developed by Parlour in Association with the Australian Institute of Architects and researchers from the University of Melbourne and University of Queensland, the guidelines are aimed..

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Judith Ledeboer

London, United Kingdom
born 1901, Almelo

Judith Geertruid Ledeboer (8 September 1901 – 24 December 1990) was a Dutch-born English architect. She was most active in London and Oxford, where she designed a variety of schools, university buildings and public housing projects.

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Vesna Matičević

Belgrade, Serbia
born 1928, Sarajevo

Vesna Matičević is one of the founders of Belgrade's Atelier LIK, along with colleagues Sofija Nenadović, Dušanka Menegelo Aćimović, Nadežda Filipon Trbojević and Vladislav Ivković. Their collaboration started early - some of them were childhood friends and all of them attended Faculty of..

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Booth and Ledeboer was selected to design parts of the Festival of Britain Poplar site; Lansbury Lodge, the first purpose-built Old People’s Home commissioned by London County Council together with furniture commissions and interiors.

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Ada Felice-Rošić

Rijeka, Croatia
born 1922, Rijeka

Ada Felice-Rošić enrolled in the Architectural Department of the Technical Faculty in Zagreb in 1942, after the World War 2 has started, but soon paused her studies to join the resistance and help provide logistical and material support for partisan forces in the wider area of her hometown.
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