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Lin Huiyin

born 1904, Hangzhou

Lin Huiyin (Chinese: 林徽因, born 林徽音; pinyin: Lín Huīyīn; known as Phyllis Lin or Lin Whei-yin when in the United States; 10 June 1904 – 1 April 1955) was a noted 20th-century Chinese architect and writer.

She is known to be the first female architect in modern China and her husband the famed..

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Clara Porset

Chimalistas, Mexico
born 1895, Matanzas

Clara Porset (May 25, 1895 – May 17, 1981) was a Cuban-born interior designer. From 1963 until her death, she worked in Mexico, where she is considered a pioneer in furniture design. She was educated in the United States and Cuba, and later studied in Europe in Germany and Paris. She also studied..

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Ruth Rivera Marin

Mexico City, Mexico
born 1927, Mexico City

Ruth Rivera Marín (Mexico, 1927-1969) was the first woman to graduate from the College of Engineering and Architecture at the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico in 1950. Daughter of Mexican renowned muralist Diego Rivera and well-known actress and writer Guadalupe Rivera Marín, she was..

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Maria José Marques da Silva

Porto, Portugal
born 1914, Porto

Maria José Marques da Silva Martins was born in Porto in 1914. She was the daughter of architect José Marques da Silva. After completing the degree in Architecture at the Porto Fine Arts School, she obtained her Architecture Diploma (CODA) in 1943, making her the first woman architect at that..

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María Aurora Campos Newman

Mexico City, Mexico
born 1941, Mexico City

María Aurora Campos Newman de Díaz (1941-2003) was the first Mexican woman to graduate as an industrial designer in the country. As founding partner of Grupo Di in 1970 and of the designer association DIMAC in 1971, María Aurora carried an important role in the development and promotion of..

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María Luisa Dehesa

Mexico City
born 1912, Xalapa-Enríquez

María Luisa Dehesa Gómez Farías (Mexico, 1912-2009) was the first woman to receive her architect degree in Mexico and Latin America, breaking the traditionally man-designated space on the discipline in the country. She arrived in Mexico City in 1933 to study architecture at the old architecture..

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Maria José Brito Estanco Machado da Luz was born in Loulé, Algarve, on the 26th of March of 1905.

She was the first Portuguese woman to graduate in Architecture, in 1935, for which she received the prize for best student of the course. She had the opportunity to defend her thesis in 1942, with..

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Dušana Šantel Kanoni

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1908, Pazin

Dušana was born in Gorizia, in 1925. She enrolled at the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana. Her mentor was Ivan Vurnik, she finished her studies in 1932. She became the first female graduate in architecture in Slovenia. After one year of practice with architect Dragotin Fatur, she recieved a..

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Revathi Kamath

New Delhi, India
born 1955, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Revathi Kamath is an Indian architect and planner based in Delhi. She is a pioneer of mud architecture in India. On the other hand, she is also credited with building the tallest stainless steel structure in India. She spent her formative years in Bangalore and tribal areas along the Mahanadi..

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Cahide Tamer

Istanbul, Turkey
born 1915, Istanbul

Cahide Tamer was one of the pioneering female figures in the field of restoration in modern Turkey. She was born in Istanbul and graduated from Erenköy Girls High School. In 1935, following the breakdown of her first marriage when she was 17, she enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts, the..

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Charna Furman

Montevideo, Uruguay
born 1941, Montevideo

Charna Furman (born 12 December 1941) is a Uruguayan architect noted for her design of a communal women's housing project designed to create affordable housing for single mothers. As a prisoner, confined during the Uruguayan Dictatorship, she has become an advocate for people deprived of their..

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Suad Amiry

Al Sharafeh, Al Bireh
born 1951, Damascus

Suad Amiry (born 1951) is an author and architect living in the West Bank city of Ramallah. She studied architecture at the American University of Beirut, the University of Michigan, and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Her parents went from Palestine to Amman, Jordan. She was brought up..

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Milica Šterić

Belgarde, Serbia
born 1914, Smederevo

Milica Šterić (1914–1998) worked briefly at the Ministry of Construction and later went on to oversee the Department of Architecture and Urbanism at the state construction firm Energoprojekt, which was charged with many important infrastructure projects throughout Yugoslavia and abroad. Her..

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