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FAT Koehl Architekten

Berlin, Germany
est. 2002, Berlin

FAT Koehl Architekten's approach is taken from a vision where cities will become more social homogeneous with more moral values in the real estate profit standards to enable progress. The work in housing cooperatives or building societies dwelling, are intended to give shareholders the purchase..

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Marjetica Potrč

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1953, Ljubljana

Marjetica Potrč is an artist and architect based in Ljubljana. Marjetica's work focuses on resilient habitat in spaces of across world-wide geography. She has worked in informal cites that arise as a result of the overflowing growth of the great urban centers. In this sense, her work offers a..

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Apolonija Sustersic has taken note of the Nordic winter darkness and its physchological effects and has transformed Prästgården (the Vicarage) just by the entrance to the Museum to a room which visitors are received by the host/hostess has been painted white and equipped with special lighting and..

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Community Research Office started with an empty gallery, a simulation of the no context situation. The press release about our permanent presence, the process of building/changing the space by installing new furniture indicated the change of the space. Gradually, the regular visitors to the..

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Patrick Bouchain

Paris, France
born 1945, Paris

Patrick Bouchain is an architect and scenographer. He has worked as an advisor to the former Minister of Culture Jack Lang, as well as to the president of the Établissement public du Grand Louvre. Convinced that architecture must be intrinsically "tied to the community and its interests", he..

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Iva Čukić

Belgrade, Serbia
born 1983, Beograd

Iva Čukić was born in Belgrade. In 2008 she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade where she earned her doctoral degree in urban planning. The areas of her research include public space, self-organisation, DIY philosophy and urban-cultural discourse. In 2010 she co-launched one of..

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Ministry of Space

Belgrade, Serbia
est. 2011, Belgrade

Ministry of Space is a collective from Belgrade was founded in 2011 with the aim of reflection on the future of cities. The scope of the Ministry of the urban transformation of Belgrade and other cities in Serbia, which closely monitors and responds to that. The group is their joint work..

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An old fishing boat dock has been transformed into an outdoor theater on the banks of the River Tagus. It is a partially flooded area and also a space to enjoy the landscape from one of the highest points in the region. Following an international competition for the banks of the Tagus River in..

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This project involved the participation of a traditional community of performing artists and craftsmen in re-designing the urban fabric of their unauthorised slum/squatter settlement and thereby gaining legitimacy in the city of Delhi.

A unique design process tapped into the community’s..

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Einar Jarmund

Oslo, Norway
born 1962, Oslo

Einar Jarmund (b. 1962), Norwegian architect graduated from the School of Architecture in Oslo 1987 and gained a Masters Degree in Architecture at the University of Washington in 1989 in Seattle, USA. Einar is the founder of Einar Jarmund & Co AS Arkitekter MNAL, an Oslo-based architecture and..

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