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NEU 31

Vienna, Austria

The concept of the overlapping spatial structure, open to the outsideas well as inside, with symbiotically conjoined resitential and office accomodation units is not merely a lip service here, it runs throughout
all parts of the building - the spatial solution appeared that beneficial to the..

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Open Air Altar

Brezje, Slovenia
by MaruĊĦa Zorec, ...

The pilgrimage church of St. Vid was built in the late 19th century. The square in front of the church is an essential part of the church complex, as this is where the public gathers on religious holidays for Mass and other open-air Catholic ceremonies. During the 20th century, several plans were..

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Scandinavian House

Visoko pri Igu, Slovenia
by Mojca Gregorski

The Scandinavian house is a private house situated in a small town on a hilly terrain. Its number of floors was determined by the urban code of the local commune which allows a ground floor and the first floor with a gable roof, making it a traditional Slovenian house. The investor had lived in..

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