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Munich, Germany
by Frei Otto, ...

After the International Olympic Committee in 1966 awarded Munich the Olympic Games, plans were solidified for the urban redevelopment of Oberwiesenfeld, an area which up until 1939, had been used as an airfield but remained largely vacant thereafter. The olympic park was designed along the the..

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Olympic Stadium

London, United Kingdom
by Peter Cook

The stadium design was launched on 7 November 2007. As a "unique 80,000 seat stadium, it will be the centrepiece for the 2012 Games, hosting the opening and closing ceremonies and the athletics events, converting down to a 25,000 seat permanent stadium after the Games, when it will become a new..

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Water Cube

Beijing, China
by PTW Architects

In July 2003, the Water Cube design was chosen from 10 proposals in an international architectural competition for the aquatic center project.The Water Cube was specially designed and built by a consortium made up of PTW Architects, the engineering firm Arup, CSCEC (China State Construction..

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London Aquatic Centre

London, United Kingdom
by Zaha Hadid

The construction for the Aquatic Centre' for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London by Zaha Hadid Architects is capable of holding 17,500 individuals at one moment. The facility will be the venue for the swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo events.

Sheltering the sports events,..

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Centro de Tiro Esportivo

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
by BCMF Arquitetos

The Centro de Tiro Esportivo (Shooting Center) was designed by BCMF Arquitectos for the Pan-American Games held in Rio de Janiero in 2007.

The shooting center is situated within a larger sporting complex used during the games including archery, hockey, equestrian and pentathlon events. The..

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Komazawa Olympic Tower was designed by Yoshinobu Ashihara for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

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Annibale Vitellozzi

Rome, Italy
born 1902, Anghiari

Annibele Vitellozzi was an Italian architect. He graduated in architecture in Rome in 1927. His best known works are for the Games of the XVII Olympiad that took place in Rome in 1960 - the Swimming Stadium in collaboration with Enrico Del Debbio and engineers Sergio Musmeci and Riccardo Morandi..

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Planned and constructed for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, the buildings and facilities of the Olympic Village were to be used intensively after the end of the Games themselves. The village was intended to serve as a residential complex after the Olympics and a showcase for modern forms of..

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