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UNESCO Building

Paris, France
by Marcel Breuer, ...

In 1951, the UNESCO planning committee had studied the feasibility of establishing its new international headquarters in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, facing the Place de Fontenoy, on a historic north-south axis with Jacques-Ange Gabriel’s Ecole Militaire (1768-1773), Gustave Eiffel’s..

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This innovative office building in Nantes designed by Lacaton and Vassal architects was implemented in 2002.
The building is situated in a developping neighborhood on the inner periphery on Nantes. The plot of land is wedged between a tree-planted boulevard to the south and, to..

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Ethiopian Insurance Corporation

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
by BET architects, ...

The competition entry with our local partners in Addis Ababa, BET architects, was rewarded with formal approval.

Conceptually speaking – with structural metaphoric relationship – the Insurance Company embracing life and property of its customers is depicted as embracing nature by placing the..

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To include the building complex very naturally into the environment, it is placed on different landscape levels. The use of typical colours and patterns does not only help to fit the complex into the natural landscape, it also refers to the already existing UPC building.

One of the consistent..

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The parcel which has approximately 13.800 m² ground area is located in Göztepe region of Kadıkoy district. Located between Kadıkoy-Kartal direction of E-5 highway which has high vehicle density, it has a quite long facade facing the road. It is approximately 10m below the road elevation. Based..

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This is the prestige office project in Etiler, Istanbul of the company which is engaged with construction and energy sector. A 4-storied individual building has been re-designed in line with the needs of the company and the vertical circulation has been shifted to the center. In this way, it has..

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An office building on a trapezoidal site which forms part of the actions for sector 22@ in Barcelona. The floors located above grade are devoted to offices and those below grade to parking for 40 vehicles and service rooms for private use. The proposal is for a tower rising above a more solid and..

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SET Architects

Rome, Italy
est. 2015, Rome

SET believes in an essential architecture based on simplicity as a response to the complexity of the functional program.

SET has won several awards including Dedalo Minosse and NIB New Italian Blood and has been selected for the BigMat'17, Architizer A+, Archdaily – Building of the year. The..

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The representative headquarters for the State Aluminium Industry Trust (Magyar Alumíniumipari Tröszt, MAT)were designed and constructed in 1964-1967 by Olga Mináry. The Trust itself was only founded in 1963, but reflecting the high state investments into bauxite mining and the aluminium industry,..

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Corporate Offices

Mumbai, India
by NS3 Concept

Interior Design and Build for Corporate Office, Turnkey Contracting in Mumbai, India

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The design reflects a transformation of the company’s corporate identity into a built structure and its implementation in materials.

The “Wien Energie” brand and its characteristics are made tangible in this project.

High-tech design coupled with ecological principles lead to a..

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
by Wiel Arets

The IJhal is a recently completed pedestrian passageway situated within Amsterdam’s central train station, on its the northern, waterside–which abuts the river it’s named for, the IJ. The central station has been under continuous construction, for approximately the last decade, as the city..

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Employment Office

Dessau, Germany
by Walter Gropius

In 1927 Walter Gropius won a competition tendered by the city of Dessau for the design and construction of the Employment Office. His winning design is characterized by the same goal of rationalization that prevailed in economics, even at the time.

Gropius designed two different building..

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VINCI Group regional headquarters, Rennes - Parc architectes

Project: VINCI Group Regional Headquarters - Program: Offices - Business premises - Architect: Parc architectes - Client: VINCI Group - Site: Boulevard Solferino, 3500 Rennes - Surface area: 7,000 m2 SDP - Winner 2021 - In study..

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