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a.gor.a architects

Mae Sot, Thailand
est. 2012, Mae Sot

a.gor.a architects aims to learn from traditional thai architecture so that it could represent an attractive alternative to more common (un)architectural solutions. Given the steady pace of development and the increasingly spread use of cheap techniques -i.e. concrete not correctly deployed-,..

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Kwel Ka Baung schooling project is supporting and educating around 450 migrant children in Karen Community of Mae Sot on the Thai-Burma border. The current school location became under scrutiny when the current land owner decided not to extend the lease for the school ground after May 2014. To..

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TEŻ Architekci

Poznań, Poland
est. Poznań

TEŻ ARCHITEKCI is an architectural practice based in Poznań, Poland. Its three partners, Małgorzata Siekanko, Paulina Wielgosz-Konewka and Marta Sękowska-Kulińska, officially opened their office in January 2010.

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Baza 20

Kočevski Rog, Slovenia
by Oton Jugovec

The central building of Kočevski Rog is the last work of the architect Oton Jugovec. The project for the central partisan horn building at Base 20 was created in the mid-1980s, and construction was not completed until after the architect's death.

The basis of the house concept is the dialogue..

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