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Matti Suuronen

Helsinki, Finland
born 1933, Lammi

Matti Suuronen (June 14, 1933 – April 16, 2013) was a Finnish architect and designer who is best known for designing the Futuro and Venturo homes in the Casa Finlandia series. The marvelous design of the Futuro went into production in both Finland and worldwide under license in various colors,..

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Venturo or Venturo House is a prefabricated house designed by Matti Suuronen. It is composed of fiberglass-reinforced polyester plastic, polyester-polyurethane, and acrylic glass. In the late 1960s Suuronen became known of his round-shaped Futuro House and now wanted to create a new ″weekend..

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Dave Cann

O'Connor, Australia
born 1971, Perth

Dave is a western Australian architect specialized in a wide range of structural steel framing systems and has built a significant record in engineering & architectural design services. With its Superwall and Hydrowall systems design, Dave has quickly gained a reputation for economical and..

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Arne Korsmo and Christian Norberg-Schulz designed a small development of ten homes on the slope of Vettakollen with views over the valley of the Oslo fjord, of which three in 1955, two of them only built their own homes and the third for the land owner. Architects saw the project as an..

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The Métropole House

Bouqueval, France
by Jean Prouvé

Winner of a 1949 Ministry of Education competition for a “mass-producible rural school with classroom and teacher accommodation”, Jean Prouvé built two of these houses, one in Vantoux in Moselle and the other in Bouqueval, near Paris. Like the school, the accommodation followed the portico..

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