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Ploiesti is one of the main cities that surround the country’s capital. It dates back to 1503 as a village on the territory of Tara Romaneasca. The Ploiesti-Nord district comprises 10.000 apartments. The area was built as a collective housing space. Most of the buildings are ranked as high..

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Marcel Lods

Paris, France
born 1891, Paris

Marcel Lods was born in Paris. He became a member of the International Congresses of Modern Architecture (CIAM) in 1933 and in 1934 of the Union of Modern Artists (UAM). He was a pioneer in the field of prefabrication.

Marcel Lods was a defender of the integral industrialization of the..

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Dorich House

London, United Kingdom
by Dora Gordine

A great hidden gem of London's Richmond area and neighbour to the Richmond Park, Dorich House for more than 60 years has been a private house and art studio for Dora Gordine, avantgarde Russian sculptor and artist. The entire house was designed by Gordine herself as a real machine combining..

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Hotel Marjan

Split, Croatia
by Srđan Baldasar, ...

The proposal of architects was to set along the entire length of the harbor's western pier a long slab, which would contain individual atria bordered on one side by a shell and on the other by a high-rise cube. The proposal was reminiscent of the structure of the Hotel Hilton International in..

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Branko Bon

born 1912, Krk

Branko Bon was Yugoslavia president Tito's favorite architect. He worked on many reconstructions like the one of the High School and Art Academy (1936) in Zagreb. Between 1936 and 1941 he designed villas (Bakarr, Korčula, Zagreb) and Palace Albanija in Belgrade.

Bon participated in National..

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Motel Trogir

Trogir, Croatia
by Ivan Vitić

Motel Trogir was built in 1965 and designed by one of the leading modernis architects of the Socialist Yugoslavia Ivan Vitić. It is situated at the western entrance to the city of Trogir on the Adriatic coast (25km from the city of Split). Today it marks one of the neuralgic points of the town..

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This pavilion building is located on the edge of the compact fishing town of Komiža on the island of Vis. Visitors are led by a path that provides view of the town and the island's highest peak. The building shows respect to tradition and at the same time demonstrates a fine feeling of the space..

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Vjenčeslav Richter

Zagreb, Croatia
born 1917, Drenova

Vjenčeslav Richter (8 April 1917 – 2 December 2002) was a Croatian architect. He was also known for his work in the fields of urbanism, sculpture, graphic arts, painting and stage design. Richter graduated at the Department of Architecture of the Technical Faculty of the University of Zagreb..

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[h]Earthquake and Tange[/h]
One of the major factors of urban change in Skopje was an earthquake on July 26, 1963 (when the country was a part of Yugoslavia). About 80 percent of the city was destroyed. Along with aid from the international community, a limited competition for the redevelopment ..

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Boris Kobe

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1905, Ljubljana

Boris Kobe is considered one of the most significant Slovenian architects and designers. He was trained at the University of Ljubljana, where he trained under Jože Plečnik. He graduated from university in 1929. For the next ten years, he apprenticed at architectural firms around Ljubljana..

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Vuko Bombardelli

Split, Croatia
born 1917, Split

Vuko Bombardelli was a Croatian architect who is one of the most renowned and honored designers from the Dalmatian region. Primarily was a designer and architect of large modern buildings, such as the E-57 residential housing project in Split, where his work emphasized functionalism and..

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This monument commemorates the 24 executed Partisan soldiers captured and executed on this spot by Ustaše forces as they were attempting to rise up against Axis oppression and occupation. The executed were part of the 1st Partisan Unit of Split, who were amongst some of the first in Europe to..

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Slavko Tihec

Maribor, Slovenia
born 1928, Maribor

Slavko Tihec was born into a family of railway workers in 1920s. He work his way up throughout his career to become one of the most renowned sculptors in Slovenia. He lost his father at a young age, so was raised by his mother, who encouraged his art. His first ventures into sculpture were in..

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Liberation Monument

Maribor, Slovenia
by Slavko Tihec

The monument in Maribor commemorates the nearly 700 hostages and rebels who were killed by German forces during the National Liberation War (WWII) for attempting to resist occupation. On the base of the monument there is a engraving in large letters: Resistance Liberation War Victory 1941-1945.

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The pavilion of Yugoslavia was designed by the architect Vjenčeslav Richter, who originally proposed to suspend the whole structure from a giant cable-stayed mast. When that proved too difficult, Richter devised a tension column consisting of six steel arches supported by a pre-stressed cable,..

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Ernesto Nathan Rogers realized a service station in Trieste for the Eagle refinery in 1953. After a long period of neglect, the fuel dispenser called Rogers Station, has been transformed into a space for cultural events in 2008. Rogers station is today a new multi-purpose center for culture..

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Madurai Club

Madurai, India
by Geoffrey Bawa

The redesign of the Madurai Club was commissioned by Martin Henry, the manager of the Madurai Mills production company. Prior to the renovation, the Madurai Mills maintained two clubs for the use of its staff; a downtown location catered to European personnel, while a more casual Garden Club in..

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Romuald Gutt

Warszawa, Poland
born 1888, Warszawa

No More Information Available.

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Henrieta Delavrancea

Bucharest, Romania
born 1897, Bucharest

Henrieta Delavrancea (1897–1987) was a Romanian architect and one of the first female architects admitted to the Superior School of Architecture in Bucharest, but because of the suspension of her classes during World War I, she was not the first female to graduate. She was one of the most known..

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Halina Skibniewska

Warsaw, Poland
born 1921, Warsaw

Halina Skibniewska (January 10th 1921 - April 20 2011) was Polish architect and urbanist, professor of architecture, state activist, deputy to the of People's Republic of Poland through IV, V, VI VII and VIII terms, 1971-1985 deputy Marshal of People's Republic of Poland (Sejm).

Her husband,..

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