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Sergio Orduña

Cancun , Mexico
born 1968, Cancun

Graduated from La Salle Laguna University in 1991, Sergio Orduña focuses his activities in the fields of architecture and interior design, working mainly in Mexico City and Cancun, where he currently resides and heads the SOSTUDIO architectural atelier, offering total solutions in design

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Rodolfo Díaz Cervantes

Mexico City, Mexico
born 1980, Mexico City

Rodolfo's work serves a concern about the process and meaning of materials as well as a formal rigor that results from the influence of architecture. Variants, order and meaning of different objects like construction, superposition and appropriation are recurring themes in his practice. He works..

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“Mexico City appears to form itself, from its origin and destiny, to the miracle of Quetzalcoatl that served men. Each stage in history is forged, kneaded with the vestiges of the previous stage and the sacrifice of the generation that raises it.” - Salvador Novo

Mexico’s city downtown area..

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