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Mexico City, Mexico
by Pascal Arquitectos, ...

The Mikve is the ritual bath of purification in the Jewish religion. It is possible diving in fresh spring water, or in a place specially dedicated to it, fed by rainwater that must be collected, stored and communicated to the vessel that is called a Mikve. All this must be made under a very..

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Memorial park Bubanj has great historical and artistic value for the city of Niš and the Republic of Serbia. It was erected in memory of numerous Serbian, Jewish, and Romani victims executed between February 1942 and September 1944 by members of Nazi occupying forces in the Bubanj area, where..

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Baldrufa Townhouse

Ponte de Lima, Portugal
by Tiago do Vale, ...

This is a pure, enigmatic object, seemingly with no other function beyond the contemplations of its abstract surfaces and the way light evolves over them. Behind these surfaces, though, dissimulated doorways reveal unexpected spaces, new uses, while always suggesting the latent potential of new..

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