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Field Operations

New York, USA
est. 1998, New York

Field Operations (FO) is a leading-edge landscape architecture and urban design practice based in New York City. Serving an international clientele, the practice is renowned for strong contemporary design across a variety of high-profile project types and scales. Founded in 1998 by James Corner,..

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Paris, France
est. 2003, Paris

AWP is an award winning interdisciplinary office for territorial reconfiguration and design. It is based in Paris and develops projects internationally working on a wide variety of programmes: architecture, landscape design, strategic planning, urbanism.

These projects only differ in terms of..

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LAM: Park of Lille Métrople Modern Art Museum

Villeneuve-d’Ascq, France
by AWP

The Lille Métropole Museum of Modern Art was built a quarter of a century ago by architect Roland Simounet. An extension to the existing building has now been designed to host the outsider art collection. The museum has from the outset been designed as a harmonious union of works of art,..

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Carlos Pascal Wolf

Mexico DF, Mexico
born 1956, Montevideo/Mexico DF

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Botanical Gardens of Culiacan have been a part of Culiacan for the past thirty years, however due to growth and change, a need arose for the gardens to undergo a major redevelopment. The revitalisation project has been headed up by Tatiana Bilbao and is being undertaken in three stages which..

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The new Salewa Headquarters, one of the most prominent manufacturers in Bolzano, is situated in an exceptional location adjacent to the Bolzano highway suggesting a “landscape” building, in formal dialog with the surrounding steep cliffs. As well as housing new work spaces and an indoor climbing..

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Šabac, Serbia
est. 2009, Šabac

Artytekt is a young architectural collective, formed by Marijana Vasić and Marko Gavrilović. They are working in the field between architecture, interior design, urban renewal, research and activism.

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Peter Latz

Kranzberg, Germany
born 1939, Darmstadt

Peter Latz lives and works in Kranzberg near Munich, Germany. He graduated from the Technical University of Munich as a landscape architect and completed his studies in 1968 after postgraduate research and studio work in urban planning at the RWTH Aachen. In this year, he established the studio..

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Atelier Loidl

Berlin, Germany
est. 1984, Berlin

Atelier LOIDL Landschaftsarchitekten was founded in 1984 as an office for landscape architecture by Hans Loidl in Berlin and has been managed since 2005 by the owners Leonard Grosch (1973, Munich), Bernd Joosten (1966, Viersen), Felix Schwarz (1971, Erlangen), and Lorenz Kehl (1964, Heide).

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Gleisdreieck Park

Berlin, Germany
by Atelier Loidl

Measuring two hectares, Gleisdreieck Park extends from Kreuzberg and Schöneberg till the borders of Tempelhof. Realized in two step, 2011 and 2013, the project presents no decoration, urban spaces are formed, unfolding their full potential through fine details, sensual materials and vegetation...

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The expanding University of Limerick campus has extended across the river Shannon. The Classical Plassey House is known as the 'White House' and so we chose to make a second 'white house' which was to be occupied by the University President. Given it's setting in the more agrarian landscape, this..

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The global project comprises the creation of a new botanical garden for the city of Barcelona, specializing in the flora characteristic of homogeneous climatic with the Mediterranean, such as California, Japan, Chile, South Africa and Australia.

The projected garden results from the layout of..

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The Tea House

Leça da Palmeira, Portugal
by Alvaro Siza

The Boa Nova Tea House is one of Siza's earliest commissions. Fernando Tavora had won the competition organized by the City Council in 1956. He delivered the project to his collaborator, the young architect Álvaro Siza. With this work Siza emphasizes the way initiated by Távora, to combine..

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The King’s Cross Pond Club was a public art project, commissioned by King’s Cross Central Partnership as part of the Relay Art Program. OOZE and Marjetica Potrč occupied a temporary site in the midst of the King’s Cross construction site in London and created a micro-ecological environment with a..

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Rotterdam, Netherlands
born 2003, Rotterdam

Founded by Eva Pfannes and Sylvain Hartenberg in 2003, OOZE is based in Rotterdam, and works internationally for municipalities, property developers, arts and cultural institutions and private clients. They develope innovative projects that solve complex current needs, whilst exploring..

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Reykjavík, Iceland
est. 1991, Reykjavík

PKdM Arkitektar is a Nordic architecture and design studio. Its founder, Icelandic architect Palmar Kristmundsson, draws his inspiration from Iceland’s stunning natural landscape and from his encounters with vernacular Japanese architecture. The partner, Fernando de Mendonça brings a dynamic..

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ID Created

Bishan, Singapore

Community benches designed to be both appealing to the consumer eye but also functional in the space.

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Studio Céline Baumann

Basel, Switzerland
est. 2018, Basel

Céline Baumann is a French landscape architect and spatial designer. Over the years she has worked in a variety of contexts, reflecting her personal interest for international exchange and cross-cultural environments. Her approach is contextual and pragmatic, her design process holistic and keen..

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I came to our client's plot. It was beautiful. And then he took me to his apartment and he drew me a plan of his future house. I realized that what he drew, what the plan of the apartment we are sitting in, and this is what I told him. He said – Yes, indeed, because I like living here. Then I..

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Barcelona, Spain
est. 2014, Barcelona-Paris

Pais(vi)agem is an independent research group born from the idea of Enrico Porfido and Claudia Sani, which aims to investigate the relation between tourism and landscapes. Today, it gathers a number of collaborators with different background and experiences. Enrico recently received his PhD..

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