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Elqui Domos is a small 10-year-old hotel located in the heart of Valle del Elqui, a narrow valley stretched in between the Andes Mountains.The valley is renowned for its sharp, clear skies and pleasant weather, as well as for its great potential for wine growing, astronomy, and tourism.


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Melimoyu Cabin

Región de Aysén, Chile
by Armando Montero, ...

The patagonian fjords are a geography shaped by glaciers, mountains and islands between dense forests. The huge ice-fields of the Melimoyu volcano stand over the valley. In this landscape it rains over 2800 mm per year and its complex geography makes it one of the country’s most beautiful and..

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Wallis, Switzerland
by Nunatak Sarl Architects

« L’Ardévaz », is the name of that mountain. It is located above the site at the north. Its shape and material structure is the unique inspiration to plan the house. Formally, the house looks like a stone block lying on the ground in a fragile balance. It is covered with a skin of..

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