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Foreign Office Architects

London, United Kingdom
est. 1993, London

Foreign Office Architects (FOA) was founded in 1993 by Alejandro Zaera and Farshid Moussavi. They met at Harvard University and have been married since 1993. The firm is based in London and does masterplanning, architecture and interior design services for the public and private sectors. FOA's..

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Philips Pavilion

Brussels, Belgium
by Le Corbusier, ...

The Philips Pavilion was a World's Fair pavilion designed for Expo 1958 in Brussels by the office of Le Corbusier. Commissioned by electronics manufacturer Philips, the pavilion was designed to house a multimedia spectacle that celebrated postwar technological progress. Because Corbusier was busy..

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Paris, France
est. 2003, Paris

AWP is an award winning interdisciplinary office for territorial reconfiguration and design. It is based in Paris and develops projects internationally working on a wide variety of programmes: architecture, landscape design, strategic planning, urbanism.

These projects only differ in terms of..

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Grupo Aranea

Alicante, Spain
born 1998, Alicante

Grupo Aranea is a multidisciplinary group set in Alicante since 1998 and formed by architects, engineers, landscape gardeners, artists, biologists and a sociologist.

Grupo Aranea has a special sensitivity for the reinterpretation of geographic contexts as well as for the assumption of..

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Nader Tehrani

New York, USA
born 1963, London

Nader Tehrani (born in 1963 in London) is an Iranian-American designer and educator. He was raised in Pakistan, South Africa, Iran, and the United States. He founded Office dA in 1986 alongside Rodolphe El Khoury, later being joined by Monica Ponce de Leon in 1991. In 2011 Tehrani founded NADAAA..

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Boston, USA
born 2011, New York

NADAAA was launched by Nader Tehrani with partners Katherine
Faulkner and Dan Gallagher. Over the past four years NADAAA has ranked in the top three design firms in Architect Magazine’s Top 50 Firms in the United States. The firm’s work has been exhibited at institutions including the Museum of..

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Heide & Von Beckerath

Berlin, Germany
est. 1996, Berlin

Heide & Von Beckerath is an interdisciplinary architectural office based in Berlin. Tim Heide and Verena von Beckerath are concerned with space as a challenge for projects in different fields and scales. The design process leads to an ongoing research involving architecture and society,..

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José Luis Fernández del Amo

Madrid, Spain
born 1914, Madrid

José Luis Fernández del Amo was a Spanish architect, humanist and critic. His architectural work began in 1942, when he joined the General Directorate of Devastated Regions and developed works for the reconstruction of Spanish provinces of Aragon, Jaén and Granada.

From 1947 to 1968 he..

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