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The building complex first constructed by Franz Schwechten in 1896-97, was later reconverted by Peter Behrens.
The old factory for train material (1906-07 by John Kraaz)was reconstructed in 1911 by Peter Behrens. The high voltage factory, small engine factory, montage plant for heavy machinery..

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Dair Architetti Associati

est. 2012, Udine

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Gae Aulenti

Milano, Italy
born 1927, Udine

Gaetana Aulenti was an Italian architect. In 1954 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan and began working as an architect and industrial designer. Aulenti conducted extensive cooperation in drafting the magazine Casabella under the direction of Ernesto Nathan..

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Niko Kralj

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1921, Zavrh pri Trojanah

Niko Kralj is undoubtedly the founder and one of the central figures of Slovenian post-war industrial design. As an internationally recognized design expert in the second half of the 20th century belonged to the most important industrial designers in the world.

He was honoured because of his..

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Niko Kralj

Designed in 1952, Rex Chair is much more than just a folding wooden chair. It is a work of art whose timeless form offers maximum comfort. Its clean minimalistic design and contemporary elegance takes full account of ergonomics and fits the body perfectly. Its chameleon-like nature allows it to..

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Saša Mächtig

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1941, Ljubljana

Saša Mächtig, a student of Professor Ravnikar and the so-called Course B in design, was one of the founders of design studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University in Ljubljana. He was a Professor of Planning in Industrial Design and Design Management, and now holds the title of Professor..

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Norman Bel Geddes

New York, USA
born 1893, Michigan

Norman Melancton ("Big Norm") Bel Geddes was an American theatrical and industrial designer. He was born Norman Melancton Geddes in Adrian, Michigan, and raised in New Philadelphia, Ohio. When he married Helen Belle Schneider in 1916, they incorporated their names to Bel Geddes.

He began his..

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Giorgina Castiglioni

Milan, Italy
born 1943, Como

Giorgina Castiglioni is an architect and designer, studied at the Polytechnic of Milan (1969). She is a granddaughter of the famous sculptor Giannino Castiglioni and the daughter of architect and professor Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. She broadened the subject of bioecological architecture, waste..

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María Aurora Campos Newman

Mexico City, Mexico
born 1941, Mexico City

María Aurora Campos Newman de Díaz (1941-2003) was the first Mexican woman to graduate as an industrial designer in the country. As founding partner of Grupo Di in 1970 and of the designer association DIMAC in 1971, María Aurora carried an important role in the development and promotion of..

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