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Nuovo Portello

Milan, Italy
by Cino Zucchi

The project creates a new city part in coherence with the larger process of transformation affecting the area. The anomalous scale of the existing industrial Alfa Romeo precinct is opened to collective use by tracing a new series of pathways connecting it with the surrounding urban net. A new..

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Who Builds the City

Belgrade, Serbia
est. 2010, Belgrade

Who Builds the City (Ko Gradi Grad / KGG) was established in 2010 in response to the urban developments in Belgrade, characterized by corrupt and mismanaged privatisation of public resources, and clientalistic government behaviour, creating ground for monopolistic private sector actors.
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With its 16 towers, Cité Curial-Michelet is the biggest housing complex in Paris, with 1800 inhabitants.

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Bird de la Coeur Architects

Melbourne, Australia
est. 1992, Melbourne

Bird de la Coeur was founded in Melbourne in 1992 by Neil de la Coeur and Vanessa Bird. Over the last twenty years the practice has been established as a specialist in housing design. From multi-residential, high-end apartments to social housing and retirement housing.

In 2016 Vanessa Bird..

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Neave Brown

London, United Kingdom
born 1929, Utica

Neave Brown was educated in the USA and at the Architectural Association in London. He has built many residential houses and housing estates in England, Italy and the Netherlands. In the UK, his high-density modernist social housing is based on the principles of the London terraced house and on..

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Kate Macintosh

London, United Kingdom
born 1937, Edinburgh

Catherine Ailsa "Kate" Macintosh is a Scottish architect. She designed Dawson's Heights in Southwark and 269 Leigham Court Road, a Grade II listed building in Lambeth. She studied at the Edinburgh School of Art, now part of Heriot-Watt University. After graduating in 1961, she spent a year..

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James Gowan

London, United Kingdom
born 1923, Glasgow

James Gowan is a Scottish architect and teacher. Gowan trained at the Glasgow School of Art between 1940 and 1942 and in Kingston School of Art between 1946 and 1948. On leaving Kingston he worked for Powell & Moya and later for Lyons, Israel & Ellis, where he met James Stirling who partnered in..

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Gando Teacher's Housing

Gando, Burkina Faso
by Francis Kere

The housing situation for the teaching staff in the countryside is an important challenge for the whole country. Teachers often refuse to leave the cities for the countryside, since accommodation is basic and in short supply. Long commutes and bad roads can delay teachers, hampering the education..

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The Romanita

Chisinau, Moldavia
by Oleg Vronski

The Romanita tower used to be the tallest building in Chisinau. It consists of two basements with technical areas, ground floor and 22 stories. In the 1970s the local authorities started to build flats for small family units. Romanita is an important achievement of 1970s structural engineering as..

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[h]Tradition meets concrete[/h]
What an unexpected sight. You can already see it 200 m away – the Fandler Oil Mill. Local residents love it when it lights up in the evening. Definitely unusual for these parts, which are characterised rather by a seemingly random scattering of different..

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Vittorio Gregotti design an housing complex of 64 social houses and 4 commercial units on the ground floor with stores and warehouses.

The typological innovations, for the IBA program, is an house complex that keep the villa type elements, such as access floor, the veranda and the protruding..

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Botta House

Berlin, Germany
by Mario Botta

The residential building designed by Mario Botta is part of Wohnpark am Lützowplatz (IBA Lützowplatz Apartments) in Berlin and occupies the corner between Lützowplatz and Lützowstraße. Together with the neighboring residential units, it reconstructs the neighborhood, and was a part of the..

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Lützowplatz Building

Berlin, Germany
by Peter Cook, ...

The building commissioned by the Internationale Bauausstelling (IBA Berlin 1987) was amongst some of the last apartment blocks to be constructed in 1989.

The thirteen apartments were developed as part of the public funding program and as such had to comply with the un-negotiable financial and..

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As part of the Exhibition Case per Tutti (Houses for Everybody) at the Milano Triennale in May 2008, a prefabricated prototype of an Elemental House was built. The entire house was reduced to 10 panels assembled in 24 hours.

In social housing the usual relation between structural work and..

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Weymede Housing Estate

Byfleet, Surrey, United Kingdom
by Eric Lyons

A fantastic example of complete post-war real estates full of greenery and social fixtures. Finished in 1962 is one of Eric Lyons' key archievements, a notable British architect, once a close colleborator of Walter Gropius while the latter was living in UK in 1930s. Lyons, a bit of utopist..

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Mileta Bojović

Podgorica, Montenegro
born 1941, Zminica, Zabljak

Mileta Bojović is the author of numerous municipal and general urban plans of municipal centers, significant architectural projects in Montenegro, as well as beyond its borders. Bojovic is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1966. He finished his postgraduate studies in Paris..

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Marco Milazzo

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
born 1974, Rio de Janeiro

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Kanchanjunga, an 84m high rise of of 32 luxury apartments, is a series of vertical bungalows. Designed by architect Charles Correa in the 70s, the building's successful application of climatic sensibilities make it stand out among the other built forms of the skyline.

The Kanchanjunga..

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Tube Housing

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
by Charles Correa

The Tube house was designed by Charles Correa (1930-2015). It was a winning entry in a competition organized by the Gujarat Housing Board for low-cost housing.

[h]Demonstration Goals[/h]
During the 1960s Ahmedabad was quite a fertile ground for architectural experimentation. In 1961 the..

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Tomos Skyscraper

Koper, Slovenia
by Edo Mihevc, ...

Tomos Skyscraper is the most recognizable building in Koper's Belvedere complex created by the architect Edo Mihevc. The building is constructed of two parts; the basement with a shop and the building's entrance while floors had two type of residential units. The small are oriented towards Nord,..

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