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Adolf Loos

Vienna, Austria
born 1870, Brno

Adolf Loos (10 December 1870 – 23 August 1933) was one of the most important and influential Austrian and Czechoslovakian architects of European Modern architecture.

In his essay "Ornament and Crime" he repudiated the florid style of the Vienna Secession, the Austrian version of Art Nouveau...

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Gerrit Rietveld

Utrecht, Netherlands
born 1888, Utrecht

Gerrit Thomas Rietveld (June 24th, 1888 – June 26th, 1964) was a Dutch furniture designer and architect. In 1916, Rietveld started his own furniture factory, while studying architecture. Rietveld designed the Red and Blue Chair in 1917, but changed its colours to the familiar style in 1918 after..

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Pierre Chareau

Paris, France
born 1883, Bordeaux

Pierre Chareau (August 4th, 1883 – August 24th, 1950) was a French furniture designer and architect. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and worked from 1899 to 1914 as designer for the English furniture manufacturer Waring & Gillow. In 1919, he decided to open his own design studio...

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