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France Tomažič

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1899, Ljubljana

France Tomažič was a first of the Plečnik students and he become his assistant at the Faculty for Architecture in Ljubljana. His attachment to Plečnik ideology is evident in their common works. A break with architectural classics is his villa Oblak in Ljubljana (1931-33). Section through his..

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Jesenice Train Station

Jesenice, Slovenia
by Stanko Rohrman

The train station is situated on the edge of the city. It is specific by its hexagonal windows and roof above the entrance facade. The building is under heritage protection. In recent years is under decay.

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St. Wenceslas Church

Prague, Czech Republic
by Josef Gočár

The Church of Saint Wenceslas (Czech: Kostel sv. Václava) is a Roman Catholic church in Vršovice in Prague 10, Czech Republic. The church was built in 1930 as a commemoration of the 1,000th anniversary of the death of St. Wenceslas.

This was one of three new buildings constructed in 1929 in..

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Josef Gočár

Czech Republic
born 1880, Semín

Josef Gočár (13 March 1880, Semín near Přelouč–10 September 1945, Jičín), was a Czech architect, one of the founders of modern architecture in Czechoslovakia. Gočár received his early instruction at the State Technical School in Prague. At the age of 23 he went to study under Jan Kotěra at the..

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Bohuslav Fuchs

born 1895, Všechovice

Bohuslav Fuchs (24 March 1895 in Všechovice – 18 September 1972 in Brno) was a Czech modernist architect.

Bohuslav Fuchs, one of the most prominent architects in interwar Czechoslovakia, was born in Všechovice near Bystřice pod Hostýnem on 24 March 1895. After the outbreak of World War I he..

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Alena Šrámková

Prague, Czech Republic
born 1929, Prague

Alena Šrámková (born 20th June 1929 in Prague ) is a Czech architect referred to as first lady Czech architecture, author and co-author of a number of significant buildings in the style of postmodernism (CKD building on Wenceslas Square, Central Station concourse in Prague Meteorological station..

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Máj Department Store

Prague, Czech Republic
by Martin Rajniš, ...

Martin Rajniš along with Johnny Eisler and Miroslav Masák designed the famous Máj building (now Tesco) in the centre of Prague. Designed in the high tech style Máj was one of Czechoslovakia’s first department stores and is now a cultural heritage site.

The Máj Department Store became a..

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Stanko Mandić

Užice, Serbia
born 1915, Prizren

Stanko Mandic was born in Prizren in 1915 and died in Belgrade in 1987. He studied architecture at the Architecture Department of the Technical Faculty in Belgrade (1938) and then specialize in Rome. After the Second World War was employed in Silos and Urban Planning Institute. In 1955 he was..

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Milorad Pantović

born 1910, Belgrade

Milorad Pantović was born in Belgrade in 1910, where he died in 1986. He studied architecture at the Department of Architecture of the Technical Faculty in Belgrade and continued his education at the Technical University in Berlin. in 1936 he went to Paris where he attended a private school and..

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Miladin Prljević

Užice, Serbia
born 1899, Užice

Miladin Prljević was born in Uzice, where he completed first two years of high school and then finished it in Skopje. He moved back to Belgrade with his family in 1924 where he graduated from the Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering and after worked for several years in Montenegro...

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Belgrade Fair

Belgrade, Serbia
by Milorad Pantović

Belgrade Fair complex is one of the most significant achievements of the Serbian post-war architecture. The total anticipated exhibition space was approximately 45,000 m² of indoor and 37,000 m² of outdoor space. Construction of the complex is designed in two stages. Belgrade Fair was officially..

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The house was built for the family of the teacher Mališa Stefanović. The building is from 1949 under state protection. It was declared as a monument of great significance declared in 1979. The facade of the building is oriented towards the Square of St. Sava and is composed as a proper volume..

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Petar Vulović

born 1931, Ivanjica

Peter Vulović studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade (1950-57). He was employed in the design office of the National Bank (1959-75) and also worked as a professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade (1957-96). The work of Vulović was developed in two different frame parts...

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This modern business building was executed following the designs made by architect Ratomir Bogojević (1912–1963) as one of the most prominent representatives of Serbian modern architecture, in the spirit of Le Corbusier. The Press Center is located on the site of the house of Perside Milenković.

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Juraj Tvarožek

born 1887, Brezová pod Bradlom

One of Slovakia’s most important architects, Juraj Tvarožek (1887-1966), born in Brezová pod Bradlom, who is generally known as a master of Functionalism.

Tvarožek was first in Slovakia to use a concrete framework with a light, hanging glass wall in his design for the Town Savings Bank in..

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Atelier 5

Bern, Switzerland
est. 1955, Bern

Atelier 5 was founded in May 1955 by five young architects in Berne. In the first few years, the interrelations between form and function were closely linked to Le Corbusier's theories and his formative language. This led to a prototypical building untouched by modest flows, to buildings that..

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Mánes Exhibition Hall

Prague, Czech Republic
by Otakar Novotný

The Mánes Exhibition Hall stands on concrete pillars over the branch of the Vltava flowing between the Masaryk Embankment and Slavonic Island. Mánes was originally founded in 1887 as a Society of Artists by students of the Academy of Fine Arts artists and Artistic and Industrial school. It became..

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The Teacher house was built on the site of the previous building which was demolished in World War II. It was the first skyscraper at Alexanderplatz. Together with the congress hall forms an architectural ensemble on Alexanderplatz.

The 12 storey skyscraper in a box shape of 44 × 15m floor..

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Helsinki Malmi Airport

Helsinki, Finland
by Vera Rosendahl, ...

Finland’s Helsinki-Malmi Airport was built in 1936 as the capital’s first international airport. Upon completion in 1938, the ultra-modern aerodrome was the second in Europe to have fully paved runways. After playing a key role in the air defense of Helsinki during World War II, the airport found..

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