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Cinema Zvezda

Belgrade, Serbia
by Ministry of Space

Ministry of Space team also actively participated in launching of activities and founding of “New cinema Zvezda”. Cinema Zvezda’s (one of 14 privatized cinemas in Belgrade) “liberation” was named “the event of the year in the field of culture”. Zvezda is now functioning while organizing various,..

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Miruna Dunu

born 1991

Miruna Dunu is a visual designer with an architectural background. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Architecture (2013) with First Class Honours from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, and a Master of Arts in Information Design (2017) from the Design Academy Eindhoven,..

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Coastland is an architectural research project. Initiated by an enquiry into the image of architecture, this investigation reveals the complex case study of the socialist leisure facilities on the Western Black Sea Coast. The vast political mechanism, the social discrimination and the hyperreal..

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