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University College North

Aalborg, Denmark

UCN Campus in Aalborg (DK) is a vision of an educational hub bringing together several specialized study programs under one roof. Faced with the demands for an alternative and sustainable learning environment, ADEPT and Friis & Moltke have worked closely with both staff and students to design a..

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Spatial Layers of AFO

Linz, Austria
by Sonja Jankov, ...

Architekturforum Oberösterreich (AFO) is regional institution for architecture of Lower Austria, based in Linz. The building where it is placed used to be in past a coal warehouse, but more memorably, a public soup kitchen. The given installation represents these diverse histories in such manner..

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Located in Ovacik, an area in Izmir, Turkey, covering 2580 sqm harvested land especially for vineyards, oriented towards North-West, South-East axis, the Ovacik winery is designed as a wine manufacturing - aiming to produce 10.000 wine bottles per year- and accommodation center. The North-East..

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Already providing service in the garden of Tevfik Fikret Primary School located in Bebek neighborhood of Besiktas district in Istanbul, the nursery unit, which fails to satisfy the needs is projected to be replaced with a nursery that can operate independent from the primary school. An area..

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Architecture without clients, the 'no-home' condition and life as a perpetual tourist. We live in the age of touristic reproduction where everybody is an eternal tourist on never ending journey. Living and travelling has become synonymous, the world has turned into a museum, therefore people..

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Slobodan Velevski

Skopje, Macedonia
born 1976, Skopje

Slobodan Velevski PhD (b.1976) is associate professor at the Faculty of Architecture, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, where he co-leads master studio in architectural-urbanism entitled Patterns of Growth.

His experience in practice ranges from engagement at architectural..

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Ljubica Slavković

Belgrade, Serbia
born 1984, Belgrade

Ljubica Slavkovic is a graduated engineer of architecture and a PhD student at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. Her main expertise lies in the field of modernist architecture of socialist Yugoslavia, as well as in contemporary Belgrade development and its self-organized..

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The Faculty of Civil Engineering is built-in within a complex of planned buildings. It is opened on shorter sides, and its longer facades face narrow and tall intermediate space towards the neighboring buildings. Cross section is profiled in order to get natural light and air. A narrow passage in..

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Senezh Campus

Moscow, Russia
by Chybik + Kristof

The project is an entry to an invited international competition for an educational campus situated on the shore of the Senezh Lake, an hour away from Moscow. The campus is not only a site-specific solution tailored for its context but also a conceptual prototype of how the future of education can..

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